Monday, 29 October 2012

Pinterest Monday Link Up & Pretty Little Liars Special Surprise!

Hello Monday!
It is winter outside and I am not happy about it :(
Ok let's dive right in shall we? 
I've made a mistake ha. 

 I made an error in my previous post about the PLL Halloween Special that aired last Tuesday ... that didn't mean the season was actually starting back :( sigh!!! It was just the Halloween Special. 
I am so sorry for all of you who's hopes I got up! 
I was just as upset as you ha, I was SO ready for it to be back every Tuesday!

The REAL 3rd season won't start until January 8, 2013 to be exact ;)
I am now counting down the days let me tell you!

How crazy was that Halloween episode??
I mean I literally screamed outloud twice and Chris was making so much fun of me and my "Nancy Drew" show, which is what he calls it haha.
(However, somehow he always ends up watching it with me and then will ask me a question from a part he didn't understand ha!) Love it! 

Soooo.... to make up for my mishap on the season start date ... I am giving you a gift!
That's right!
It's a good one too... straight from the BIGGEST PLL fan that I think exists ... my friend, and PLL expert,
Lexy Morgan --- click to follow on Pinterest, it's amaze!

For some secret inside scoop on the upcoming season!
Straight from the mouth of the show's executive producer! 

Ok now for some Pinterest.... :) 
I have decided to start linking up to my Pinterest Mondays!! I'm super excited about this ... if you want to follow the categories I do then that's awesome, if not and you want to do your own thing, then that's awesome too!! 

Grab the Button At the End Below... 
This is my first time doing this, I am not an HTML expert so hopefully it will work, it took me 30 min to figure out how to put text in a scrolling box haha :( 

Pinterest Time!
First, a little inspirationals and LOL's that are my faves lately... 


I have thought this several times, how many boyfriends has she had? Geez. Ha. 


Very true. 

TOTALLY agree with this ... I have taken wayyy too many classes on sales and goal planning to know if you don't write them down, they are hopeless. Write down  your goals!! Then watch them be obtained!

I love this ... so true... we all need to check our bad attitudes sometimes.

Just love this one period ha. 

Love this one too. 

Great motivation to be a strong woman! 

This is a great one too! I need to put this on my bathroom mirror ha! 

My favorite :) 

Ok now for a few Halloween things  ... 

I'm doing this tomorrow .... if it's cute I will post ha! 

Put one of these is Jake's lunch a few days ago ... so simple ... would be great if any kids have class parties on Halloween!! :) 

Really want to do this tomorrow too ... spiders in ice cube tray ... fill with water ... freeze and let the spiders melt into your drink!! So fun! 

Ok this is serious .... 
Has anyone seen this on Pinterest?? 

You send in a picture of your dog and then they send you a stuffed animal that looks just like him! 
I am really wanting to try this haha ... I already told Chris this might be what I want for my birthday hahaha. 
But seriously, that looks pretty real to me ... ? 
What do you think? 

That's all for today :) 
Grab the button and link up! 
Can't wait to see everyone else's Pinterest loves! 


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Sunday Recap

Still waiting for Sandy here in RVA. Yesterday, we spent most of the day indoors. Here are some quick pics from the day. 

Puppets inspired from this pin on Pinterest

Preview of my sewing project

Craft #2

Chocolate Peanut Butter Covered Bananas  always looking for ways to get fruits & veggies in Clyde. He wouldn't touch them. 

Another attempt...he liked these okay. I thought they were tasty. 

This is the cell phone I am using these day.  I feel like the last person on the planet with out an iPhone. And my more recent Blackberry broke so I resorted to this one which is so old school and awful! Been to Verizon twice and called twice trying to get them to upgrade me early no luck since I want an iPhone. 

Michael created a countdown for me because I said I felt like a kid at Christmas. Maybe I need to make one of those chains that you pull a link off every day. We went with this instead. 
 The kids are out of school and it is barely raining but maybe it is to come. What will we do today?

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Pinterest Link Up, Best Chili Recipe & Sunday Funday!

What a weekend... and boy did I need it! I actaully got to get some things done and rest  :) 
I got my nails done ... 

OPI "Pink Friday" 

I played with my babies while taking pics to list their momma & daddy's house this week sometime, anyone looking for a ranch in Hamburg? ha. :)  

We fed the baby and observed the usual "milk coma" that he falls into as soon as he eats ha
Then we had York Peppermint Patties and got them all stuck in our teeth (well Connor did at least ha!) 

My Orange Leaf obsession is still reallllly bad. 
Strawberry White Chocolate is the BEST flavor there is. Period. 
Reese Cups and Marshmellows totally seal the deal too. 

I enjoyed a nice Saturday ...
around the house, cleaning, doing laundry, grocery, Chris built a fire, I bought the new The Knot in hopes of skimming through the 850 wedding dresses to find one that I like because I STILL have not found a dress :( Then I bought a bag of my favorite Halloween/Fall candy ... Caramel Apple Pops! Love them. 

Check out my ad in the newspaper ... 

Keller Williams did an awesome ad in the paper to welcome me to the company :) 
I thought it turned out pretty nice! 

Someone got their Halloween Costume ... 
First of all, I let Chris go to Target with me today to get a few things ... BIG mistake people. 
Guys are not allowed to be at Target, this should be located on the door when you walk in. 
I like to take my time at Target, go in needing two things, leave with an entire buggy of stuff and have no clue what I bought ha. This does not work when your significant other is with you, let me tell you. 
We had to hurry through the isles, look at DVD's for far too long, and everything I wanted to buy we didn't "need" haha :(
(which by the way means nothing to me, it all went in the buggy anyway lol) 
BUT the worst part is, because he was there, present at Target, he had a say in my baby's Halloween costume this year ... POOR FRANKIE ....

Yes that is Frankie, my sweet little angel, in a SKUNK outfit. Ha. Poor thing :( 

That has "My dad picked out this costume and I hate it" written all over it! 

I mean he probably is the cutest skunk you have ever seen, lets be honest, but because I felt bad for him ... he also got a pumpkin cookie from The Barkery ;) 

Such a little stinker!
 no pun intended ha. ;)

I made the best chili evvveerrr...
(All credit has to go to Chris's mom, this is her chili recipe and its freaking awesome. I could make 5 different chili recipes and Chris and the kids would be able to pick out "Mimi's chili" in two seconds. They absolutely love it, now I am hooked too!)

Here's What You Need:
- 1 lb ground hamburger meet
- 1 packet of Chili-O seasoning 
- 2 cans of Bush's Chili Beans in Mild/Medium
- 2 cans of Kidney Beans
- 1 large can of diced tomatoes 
- Spaghetti noodles
- Fritos and/or mexican shredded cheese (This is optional but makes it really good!)

What To Do:
Cook hamburger meat until it is done or browned, drain the grease, then mix 1 cup of water and the chilio packet with the meat and let is simmer until the water is all soaked up.

Mix the beans and tomatoes (do not drain!) together in a pot and bring to a boil.
Once boiling, pour in the hamburger meat and turn down to low heat and the longer you can let it sit the better, I usually try for 2 hours (per Cathi's directions ha) ... but you HAVE to stir every 10-15 minutes so the bottom doesn't burn, but if you just set your timer you'll be fine!

Once you feel like it's almost ready...
 (or you're so hungry you can't wait any longer, which is usually my case) 
then boil up a small pot of spaghetti noodles and put a little in your chili bowl, sprinkle with cheese and fritos if you fancy :) 

It's done! 

And awesome! Hope you love it!!

Lastly ... a super fun link up!
I am a couple of days late on this ... but I was so excited when I saw this new link up on Katie and Steph's blogs!! I know we allll love Pinterest, my obsession for it grows daily, ha especially planning a wedding (not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing yet?!)


I have done several things so it was really hard for me to choose one for this ... but I think my favorites so far were the little things I made for my matron of honor and then for the kids ... 
I originally saw these on Pinterest ... 

I knew instantly I wanted to do this for Chrissy, my Matron of Honor, and then do the ring pops for the kids ... so I set out on a project to do them! 

I dug through a ton of old pictures of Chrissy and I :) That was the fun part ha seeing what we looked like so long ago (we've been friends for 17 years, wow that sounds old ha!) ... then I found the pink paper at hobby lobby ... the white pen is AMAZING and was sent to me as a gift from this sweet lady over at in My Life I Love You More .. check out her blog if you haven't already ... she's pretty awesome ;) I also picked up a couple of the stickers from Hobby Lobby too. Oh wait, and also the white boxes for the ring pops, and the shredded paper thingys that went in the boxes :) Hobby Lobby is pretty much the best place to go if you need something crafty ha! Love it! 

Here is how my Pinterest festivities turned out ... :) 

 What do you think? 
(I kind of think they turned out cuter than the original pins ... not to toot my own horn or anything!)

I have so many other "Pinterest Activities Come to Life" but I will save those for the next link ups! 
Hop (ok I guess click is the more appropriate word ;) on over to Katie or Stephanie's blog and link up!

I love this link up! It is so much fun! :) 
Great idea ladies!!

PS. Don't forget to follow me on Pinterest by clicking the link on the right sidebar :) I am pinning away from Holiday stuff to wedding stuff galoreee!!


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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Sandy's Menu Planner

I am early on my menu planner since it appears that we are going to have monsoon rains the next couple days. Thankfully, we have a generator that is hard wired to our power box so I am hoping if we do loose power in the storm, I can do some crock pot cooking. Here's my plan....

Saturday - Chicken Cheese Steaks with French Fries (cook extra chicken to use later)

Sunday - Chili in the crock pot

Monday - Chicken Caesar Salad (use extra chicken from Saturday)

Tuesday - Whole Chicken cooked in crock pot with carrots, onions & potatoes

Wednesday - Ghost Individual Pizzas (found this recipe in the current issue of Richmond Family Magazine)

Thursday - Alyson & Michael on their own

I am off to brave Martins....yikes! It could be ugly.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Land Owner Operations Overview

Land Owner Operations Overview

Land Owner customer acquisition will be from a variety of sources:
Real Estate Investing Groups
Past Clients from my Real Estate History
Calling expired listings for sale when they are unsuccessful at selling
Letters and emails to on file property owners of multifamily properties
Business Website
Marketing Sites such as craigslist,, etc
Once a potential investor wants to evaluate our services we invite them into our office. At this time we show the customer our fee schedule.

Tenant Operations Overview

Operations Overview for Tenants

(Action Plan from Tenant Perspective)
The company will be well thought out and utilize time saving technology such as a website that allows potential tenants to go thru the entire process of becoming tenants without ever having to come thru an office door. The website will start with a list of available properties, these properties will be advertised on other real estate websites as well as our own.
The potential tenant can view virtual tours of the properties, get rental information, school district info and more. At this time the tenant can come into the office and check out a key for the property after placing a small, refundable key deposit. If the potential tenant likes the property, they can go online and fill out a digital application and use a credit card for the application fee. The fee will be 35.00. This 35.00 covers a credit and background check at a cost of 20.00. The additional fifteen dollars covers the expense of the website and the time associated with checking the customers references. All rental properties have a hundred and fifty dollar leasing fee to property owners.
If the potential tenant passes the requirements for leasing, we will schedule a time to do a walk thru at the property. This walk thru will include a property condition form that verifies the condition of the property for use later against damages or other grievances.
The tenant is given a briefing on who to call for maintenance issues, website address for payments, payment drop off procedures and a ninety day inspection is scheduled. The purpose of the 90 day inspection is to catch any problems that might not be reported by the tenant. This inspection is billed to the property owner at a low fee (30.00) and is an optional service that is selected when the land lord signs up with our management company. During the 90 day inspection, minor issues might be fixed at cost. i.e. leaking sink drains, smoke alarm battery replacement, knob adjustments etc.
The tenant will continue paying rent online or thru the office/dropbox by check or MO. In ideal situations, this will go thru the lease with no issues. If any late fees are assessed throughout this time, they will be collected by the property management company and kept as payment for this service.
Thirty days prior to lease end, we will contact the tenant if they have not contacted us about renewing the lease. There is no charge to the property owner for lease renewals.
In cases with issues:

Maintenance Issues

When a tenant has a maintenance issue less than two hundred dollars, we will use an approved vendor without prior approval for the repair when deemed neccessary. All work requests must be sumbitted in writing by the tenant. Repairs over two hundred dollars the property owner will be contacted and permission for bids to be placed is requested. We will get three bids on the property and submit for approval. Once the property owner approves a bid we will manage the repair and have the company invoice the owner directly. We charge a 10% over ride on managing the repairs.

What happens if the resident leaves before the end of the lease?

The resident is responsible for the rent for the term of the lease. If residents leave before the termination date they will be charged for rent until the home is re-let. We, on behalf of the owner, will do everything possible to re-let the home and minimize the residents' cost. The owner is not charged for advertising.


Evictions will be handled by an attorney on retainer. We will negotiate with the attorney what aspects of this I can handle as the owner/operator of the property management firm. i.e. the proper way to serve a pay or quit notice, getting us on the court docket, supplying the neccessary info. This way we can lower our cost to the attorney and charge a surplus for our time that passes to the property owners reserve account.

What happens if the rent is late?

The rent is due on the first of each month. We begin collection proceedings after the third of the month. If the rent is not paid by the 5th we take the first step in the eviction process and send out a 3-day notice to pay rent or vacate. If the resident does not pay by the 11th of the month the owner is notified and eviction papers are filed at the courthouse.

Lawsuit Protection

Property manager requires that each property be covered by $1M of liability insurance with PM named as an additional insured. This level of coverage is usually beyond the scope of your rental dwelling or homeowner’s policy. Please contact your insurance agent to request this coverage. Proof of owner-carried liability must be provided to PM within two weeks of signing your management agreement. You may carry this coverage with your own insurance company or PM can add you to our Umbrella Liability policy for a fee.

Executive Summary

Executive Summary


46% of millionaires invest in real estate. Thousands of books are published every year that support real estate as a way to grow financial wealth. In these books, the number one piece of advice you will find, is to place the properties you buy with a property management company.

This business plan outlines the ambitions of a company that aims to be Mobile's largest residential property management firm.
Our goal within the first year is to aquire a  minimum of two hundred properties. Two hundred properties at an average rental price of six hundred dollars a month will be one hundred and twenty thousand dollars of gross rent collected per month. At an average management fee of 9% this will be ten thousand and eight hundred dollars of gross profit for the management company.

In addition each property will be charged a setup/leasing fee of one hundred and fifty dollars.  This will amount to an additional thirty thousand in income.

Other additonal cash creators for us will be late fees, over rides on repairs, at request inspections, and sales.

Table of Contents

Property Management Business Plan


Table of Contents


Executive Summary


Operations Overview for Tenants


Operations Overview for Landlords 


Management and Organization


Critical Risks and Problems


Financial Information


Bird Love?

My mom and I attended Realtorfest on Tuesday of this week. It was great and I loved hearing the keynote from Mike London. After the morning session and trade show,  I have to admit  my mom and I skipped out and we hit one of my favorites, For the Love of Jesus Thrift.

Here is what I found....I think my total was around $10.

The owls were $1 for the pair of bookends.

One is missing an eye.  I can't decide whether to paint them or not? And to be honest, I am not even sure where to put them but I liked the look.

These birds were a little pricier at $4 each. And even though they are a little scary looking, I was still attracted to them. I think they are brass but I am not sure I will try to polish. That is so much work and honestly I don't have that kinda time these days....I may just paint. My mom liked them as is so maybe that is how they will stay.

And because I am also very attracted to glassware, this could not be left in the store for 50 cents.

I thought it would be good for silverware if having a buffet dinner or make up brushes or cotton balls. Who knows.

Happy weekend everyone! Sandy is a comin'! Yikes! Hope everyone stays safe. I have a few sewing projects on my list for the weekend. Got all my supplies today. Hopefully I will be back next week with details.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Pinterest Monday & Beauty Faves! (a day late!)

Happy Monday!
(ok ok I know it's Tuesday but I had this typed to post yesterday and forgot!! So bare with me ha!)

Usually I dreaaadddd Mondays ... but today I am being thankful for a day of not too much craziness and work! I am going to get some things done around the house, work at the office for a little bit, mail out my Fall Newsletter and then plan some things for our engagement pics this week!! (more to come on that ... I have changed my outfit plans 100 times!)

Since it's been a while, I thought today would be a great day to bring back some of my faves on Pinterest lately. If you're not already, you can follow me on Pinterest by clicking the link on the right side of the page :)

You need to follow me on Pinterest if you like one or more of the following:
- Interior Design
- Party Planning
- Ecards 
(the ones that make you laugh outloud and you re-read over and over!)
- Painting your nails 
(I have a seperate board designated to nails ;)
- Cute Fall Outfits
- Planning an outdoor, southern, chic wedding for next Summer ;)

Speaking of cute fall outfits, let's just start with that ...

Casual cute for a comfortable day :) 


Dress, Sweater and come cute boots ... can't go wrong! 

Ok I have been searching EVERYWHERE for some tan pants like these ... anyone seen any?? 
Please share! 

I have this picture saved on my phone because I want to find a necklace like this one!! 

Love this, this is like my uniform in the fall/winter for work attire: Leggings or Skinnies, boots, a flowy shirt and cute sweater, blazer or jacket :) Comfortable enough to work in all day and show houses, and cute enough to look and feel cute :) 

I am obsessed with nude things ... 
ha get your mind out of the gutter ;)

These are a few of my recent favorites that I LOVE and have been obsessing over 
(Chris calls them my superglue lipglosses because they are a litttttle sticky, most guys don't like to kiss sticky lips lol) 

MAC cremesheen in Pearl ... my absolute favorite. 

MAC Nymphette .. another favorite.

Speaking of nudes and nuetrals ... I ran across this which happen to be all of the best MAC eyeshadows, I think I own 85% of these haha!

On an almost daily basis I wear woodwinked, naked lunch, omega and/or retrospeck. But they are all amazing if you ask me ;) 

Onto the nails ... 
Ella and Ava make fun of me for saying "I need my nails done" when they aren't chipped, BUT if they start to grow out or not look shiny anymore, I feel like they need painted again. 
No, I don't get a manicure every week ... about every 2-3 weeks ... but I do go get my nails polished by my fave nail lady every Friday usually ... best $7 I spend on a weekly basis ;) 

Here are a few of my favorites right now ... 

Essie "Don't Sweater It"

OPI "Black Cherry Chutney"

OPI "Copper" 

OPI "Suzi Loves Cowboys"

That's it for today!
Enjoy your Monday!! 

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