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There's a campaign underway to save Tasmania's largest newspaper. The bean counters at News Ltd are keen to relocate (sack local workers) the sub-editing desks of The Mercury to a place that apparently knows its spelling and grammar better than us. As is standard operating procedure in any 'save our arses' campaign, there's talk of a mythical beast, filled with integrity, quality, skill and one that sometimes even defecates ice-cream cones. A newspaper you've never encountered in reality, but nonetheless this new found perception seems to act as the main defense to save the under fire entity.

I had been prepared to sign up to the Save Our Mercury campaign; I don't think we need to lose any further jobs down here, but then I realised the axe will be swinging tomorrow, and to further push me into the 'couldn't care less' column, I stumbled across this...
$1m mansions snub downturnI assume the sub-editors at The Mercury still write the snappy headli…

Royal Wedding... and Divorce :)

Ok so I will admit I was very excited to watch the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton ... but not excited enough to wake up at 4am, so I set my handy dandy DVR to record the entire thing and woke up this morning and watched it :) I thought the entire thing was breath taking, and all the detail and just "poshness" (may or may not be a word but you get the drift) was fabulous! I loved everyone's hats and head pieces the most... everytime I would see one I loved and say "that one is my favorite!" then I would spot another 15 seconds later that I loved even more!!! Kate looked spectacular. The cars... the maroon Rolls, was to die for. Prince William and Prince Harry both looked very handsome in their uniforms. The trees in the chapel really gave the garden feel that they said Kate was going for theme-wise. I just loved the entire thing :) And this picture is so cute...

 Just beautiful! Love it!
Lastly on the royal wedding talk... everyone knows I me…

House Tour!

I recently helped my friends, Jessica and Campbell, buy this cute house. It had been on the market for a while but had good bones and just needed a little updating. Jessica had that vision and a great sense of style. They have made a real transformation with lighting, paint and furniture. A true test to how staging can help sell your home! Here are the before pictures.

And now drum roll please......the afters!


Garden Update

We finished the garden! Well Michael finished it. Doesn't it look great?  Now just water, feed and wait!
Read more about our garden here.

My iris have bloomed! Love them!


If you’re writing about real estate right now, it kind of helps to have your head out of your arse. Thousands of eagle eyes are reading and ripping apart real estate writing at the moment, usually in less time than it takes a horny kid to spray his shorts over

So if you’re prepared to stumble into a story, quote the David Lereah of Australia, offer up a real estate agent masquerading as home buyer for your secondary source, then use that real estate agent’s boss to round out the article... I'd have to ask, "how do you enjoy working for Gold Coast Bulletin?"

"Oh no, I'm an experienced journalist, in fact, I write for The Australian."

"Hah, you relentless joker, you!"

"No. I really write for The Australian."


"Yeah my name's Andrew Fraser."

Andy F, who kind of looks like Guy Sebastian from the year 2050, has fallen for the old "real estate agent poses as home buyer" trick, it seems. …

Things I Love (and a few I am so over!!)

I love to find great things, good products, etc and I always love sharing with friends... so this post is just a randomness of things I am loving right now, along with a few things I am over and wish would disappear lol...
Some are cheap and funny and some are serious so I hope you will read til' the end and enjoy!! :)

Things I am Loving ...

I will honestly admit to anyway who asks, I am compulsively obsessed with whitening my teeth. Call it vain or not, I just like for my teeth to be as white as humanly possible haha. I feel like this is something I can control and I just enjoy white teeth. With that said, I was starting to show signs of overdoing the white strips and bleach because my teeth were KILLING me with anything cold... so I have backed off and no strips for about 6 months. (was a lot harder than you would think, don't judge ha) So my friend Steph told me to try this mouthwash... and I wanted to share because it TOTALLY WORKS and it does not hurt my teeth :) Now it m…

Michael's Birthday

Camille, Clyde and I threw Michael a lunch time birthday party! The kids had a great time and Camille asked Michael...."Daddy, is this your best birthday ever?". To which he of course replied "yes!". 

We had Chocolate Chip Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing!

We had party hats!

  A good time was had  by all! 
We didn't splurge on a sitter this year, so I made dinner for us. Click here to see our menu. I am not a big fan of shrimp (really I don't like it and never eat it) but Michael loves it so I decided to give it a whirl for his birthday. Still not a fan but I did manage to try a few pieces.

Menu Planner Template

There are now lots of online magazines out there and I just discovered the latest, House of Fifty. When scrolling through the issue, I found a menu planner template. Click here to download. I am excited to give it a try. My only concern is that there isn't enough room for my list but I can run into the staples box or maybe redesign if I like the set up. Check out House of Fifty because there are also links to great recipes, fun sandals selections and some home decor. I enjoyed it!

Today is  Michael's birthday so check back tomorrow for pictures of our celebration!


First and foremost, I will admit, even though it may look like I was absorbed with Easter outfits, baskets, preparations, etc I want everyone to know that Easter is my fave holiday for all those fun things, but more importantly because it is a very special and meaningful day that symbolizes all of mine, and your, sins being forgiven forever! What a feeling! Truly indescribable. I am so blessed! Beyond words, and will be forever grateful. <3

With that said, I would be lying to you if I didn't admit I LOVEEEE Easter fun! Here are the after pics of the baskets I tried to copy from this previous post ...

Finished Project! :) Kids LOVED them, they were so surprised! I think Ella's exact words were "Oh my gosh this is like Martha Stewart" hahahaha that may be pushing it but at least it was the thought lol
These were such a hit, the Easter Bunny got them for all the kids ;) from They are personalized coloring books... sooo cute! Came with crayons a…