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Living Room Updates

I have made a few updates to my living room. I stripped everything off the tables and gave them a good dusting. Then started fresh with arranging the accessories. I would love some new throw pillows to update the space but have such a hard time rationalizing spending money on them with my kids still so young and messy!

Still loving my coffee table from Class and Trash. Read more about that here and the tray I picked up a while ago at Diversity Thrift. The silver box is old and from Pier One. 
 Picked up the green matted frame at Home Goods last week. I had all the other frames and the dog and silver face are from my grandmother. 
The chest is from my grandmother and it is one of my favorites. 
I got a new frame from Home Goods for my wedding picture and all the other items were things I already owned. 
I picked up the gold hammered box at Marshalls on clearance for $7.50. 
I would really love to have new shades for these lamps. And it is on my "to buy" list. 
Not much different her…

Confession: Today I was bad ...

So today I was bad on a couple different levels ... ha
I had a little work to do...
 and then a little free time that I delegated to
Part 1 of getting my life back together!

Do you ever look in the mirror and think "Gosh I don't look like myself??" or is that just me that does that??
(Hope not, or else maybe there is something wrong with me and no one is saying anything ha)

Well the last couple of days I have looked in the mirror and thought that.
Today I came to the conclusion why ... I am PALE, like the palest of pale, which leads to my makeup not looking good, my clothes don't look good, my hair, you name it. White as a freaking ghost. UGH!

So Bad Thing #1 was that I went to the tanning bed today. GASP! I know, I know. It's awful.
I felt bad going, felt bad laying there, and felt bad when I got out. But I just couldn't help it! 
I need some color and some UV rays and the spray just wasn't doing it for me! Don't judge. :(

Ok next ... 
Bad Thing #2 (unless your …

Dining Room Updates

I have been making a few updates to my dining, living and family room. First up the dining room, on a whim I decided to paint the back of the china cabinet a bright deep pink. Here is an older before shot....

And now after.....

The paint is Behr Tropical Smoothie from Home Depot and one sample size was the perfect amount. I splurged on the knobs from Anthropologie. Did you know that World Market also has some cool knobs? I just couldn't find any that were right for my space. Also, do you spy the owl bookends that I talked about here and here.

Here are a few more pictures of the entire dining room space.

I finally found a place for the candlestick sconces from Thrifty Sisters.

Sledding in 48 degrees!

This weekend a friend of our's invited us out to a property where they have some snow machines that


What better thing could you think of to do?

Go sledding ... on real snow ... when it was 48 degrees outside ... and then get in your car and drive away, not on slippery roads with snow everywhere ha!
It was a blast!

Photo Dump ...

They got these snow bibs year before last, for Christmas, and it didn't snow a single flake all winter!  So they finally got to break them in! 

She stole my new Free People leopard toboggan, but she looked cute in it so I gave in because I love her:)

So excited! 

Isn't it funny to see snow and then a bunch of green grass in the same area? lol it was weird! 

Lastly, my personal favorite, that is Chris thinking he can snow board down a big hill, maybe he has been watching a little too much of the X Games ;) 
We had so much fun! Can't wait to go back again! 
Today I am off to work for a bit then run some errands and get ready for the Bachelor party …

Sunday Social Link Up

Well hello there Sunday night ... my favorite TV show night... I look forward to you alllll week! Ha! ;)

Tonight I am linking up with Ashley and Neely for a little Sunday Social!

1. What is your ideal way to relax?Definitely all snuggled up in a blanket in bed with Frankie... 
(and sometimes Chris if he is good, ha I kid, I kid)while watching a plethora of trash knowledge & information on TV including: Teen Mom 2, Real Housewives of anything, Pretty Little Liars, Bachelor, you name it ha. 2. Where is your favorite place to be?Hmm... this is a difficult one. I guess it depends on my mood. Sometimes I like to be at home with Chris hanging out and relaxing, sometimes I like to be working because I could never stay home all the time, I would go loco! Or if I had to pick an actual place, I would say the beach for sure, nothing better than some sun and sand in my opinion!  3. Who do you consider your biggest role model? This is too much for me to think of right now, lol I don't know the…