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2012....a great year to buy or sell a house!

Contact me if I can help! Happy New Year!

Total CHRISTMAS Recap!!

Merry Christmas!! This past week has been CrAzY for me! Work was nuts, trying to get ready for Christmas, get my house cleaned, presents wrapped, etc I know you know the feelin'... so I had to take a little break from my blog :( I had zero time. Christmas was awesome! So great! Let's do a recap... lots of pics and it's kind of long so brace yourself or just skim through real quick if you're bored ha! Friday night we went to church for Christmas was awesome.   Christmas Eve we went to my mom's house for dinner and presents with my mom, dad, & brother... It was a haul loading all these presents from our house let me tell you!!
(How cute did all my paper match? :) I love wrapping presents!)

My brother and his dog, aka my nephew, Whiskey ha.

Me, Mom & Chris
Dinner was wonderful and then it was present time...

So fun! Everyone likes to make fun of me, but my tradition is, everyone takes a seat and then I pass out all the presents and then we go one by o…

Christmas in Review