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Weekend & Pinterest!

Hello friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend!
This was a fun weekend for us, I worked a little, we visited Chris's new baby nephew ....
How cute is he? Love him! SO sweet! (This pic I made with the Red Stamp app on my iPhone, it's awesome!)
Then we put a little Pinterest to use for Jake and had a BLAST ... take a look... if you have a small boy in your fam you need to try to do this!! It was so easy!

Jake put on his Spiderman outfit for a little extra emphasis LOL ;)
We actually did the entire hallway upstairs so that the girls could do it too down their side of the hallway lol. Just red yarn for the "lasers" and then tape them to the wall with duct tape (both from Hobby Lobby) and then they can crawl through and under and over!! I will admit I got stuck a few times ha, would like to say it was my pony tail... buttttt my backside got stuck a few times too ha! :(
I saw this cute frame on Pinterest too and decided to make them for Chris's sister to take to give her …

Thursday News

I have lots of new news for this Thursday :)
Most importantly... Chris and I have a new nephew!! His sister had her baby on Tuesday, a sweet baby boy... little baby Birch (I love that his initials will be BB for some reason haha kind of like my cute Godson who is CC!)  ... he was a little under 8lbs.

We haven't gotten to see him yet, both had to work a lot this week, so I am excited to go see him this weekend and take him some little goodies! :) So happy for them! His big brother, Jack, who is 1 and will be two this summer, is obsessed with vacuums! Literally obsessed. For Christmas we got him a little sweeping set with a broom and I'm pretty sure it was a hit ;) So when getting some stuff for the new baby, I realized we needed to get Jack a fun "Big Brother" present too...  and I found this...
A kid's Dyson Vacuum!!! I know... how cute is that?? It actually is Dyson, says it on there and everything! Spins and rotates, actually sucks up a little bit too, and has …

Pinterest!! & Randoms! :)

Before I share my fave Pinterest picks of the week, I have several things from the weekend to share :)
First... look what came in the mail finallllllly! :) So excited!

My Marley Lily Monogrammed Clutch! I love it, it is really cute and will be so perfect for football games, shopping, trips, etc. Cross body clutch, but large enough for the "must haves": phone, lipgloss, wallet, gum and hand sanitizer! Probably a little more too. Ella wanted one too and hers turned out super cute, but I will wait to post a pic until she can see it (she hasn't yet!) ha.
Next up... Frankie was the object of "Show & Tell" for the elementary school on Friday :) It was adorable...

He sat there like such a good boy! All the kids were dying.. One little boy said, "Is it a boy or girl?" Ella: "He's a boy, his name is Frankie" Boy: "Then why does he have a diamond necklace on?" Ella: "Oh it's his collar, and it's blue, and Dana likes for him …