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Friday Favorites Link Up ... a day late ;)

Today I am linking up with the beautiful miss Lindsey from The Bargain Blonde for Friday favorites ...

Only mine are a day late because yesterday I left the house at 8:30am and then didn't walk back in the door until 11:30pm last night!!

Soooo here goes :) 
I am OBSESSED with these new shoes that I got yesterday for my Florida trip ...  How cute are those? And super Comfy! So cute that I also got them for my friend, Kelly, for her bday yesterday too!! They are Dolce Vita .. found at Zappos here. I am dying to wear them with a cute black shirt and shorts and a big floppy black hat ha! 
Speaking of Kelly, last night a few of us girls went out for her birthday dinner!

It was so good to catch up with everyone! I miss you ladies! 

Love you all!! <3

Happy Birthday Kelly!!! XOXO 
My next Friday favorite is the fact that I will be back in Florida next week :) With this handsome fella ;) looking at this view ... 

and with these two people ...  (my brother & his gf)

Enjoying this awesome weather…

Thursday Randoms

Let me start by saying... holy crap it was HOT today! And it is only going to get hotter this weekend!!

Showing houses in 103 degree temps ... not so fun ha ... but I am thankful to be busy so no complaining from me :) I got 3 referrals this week and am so thankful to be blessed with the business I have!

This will be a bit of randomness ... hence the Thursday Randoms title ha.

I just read THIS POST from my girl PinkLouLou ... if you just read over that and didn't click ... please do.
It will touch your heart! 
(If it doesn't, you shouldn't be reading my blog, or hers, because you wouldn't be human ha!)
No but really, I wanted to link up so we can all spread the word and lift up Juliana in our prayers! 
When I read her comments, I literally was crying and had goosebumps at the same time ... those of us who have good health are so blessed and it's so hard to remember that sometimes when we think we are having a bad day, but if you don't have your health, you have nothin…

A Ninjago Party... Say What? ha

Unless you have a small boy in your family who is obsessed with Lego Ninjagos... you will likely have no idea what they are ha and I was the exact same way until a few weeks ago when Jake only talked about Skylanders and Ninjagos!
His 5th Birthday party was this past weekend and it turned out pretty cute, even if it was a theme I had no clue what to do with ... thank goodness for Pinterest and some of my creative juices flowing!!
We rented the big obstacle course inflatable and had a blast with that! (If you live in Lexington or close by message me the next time you need an inflatable for anything, this is a sweet couple from Winchester who are sooo much cheaper than others and are so great to work with! Love them!)

I got several ideas from Etsy and ordered some digital files and printed at Kinkos for super duper cheap ... these sticky eyes I had printed on label paper, then cut them out and stuck them onto balloons to look like Ninjagos :) We had them all over the house, really cute!