Thursday, 31 March 2011

Mom, Birthday & Teen Mom 2 (random I know)

    Today I am up early ... Thursdays are always SO early because we get up early to get the girls ready for school, so if you ever wonder why on Thursdays I am a zombie that is why lol. I have been having major sleep issues and can't go to sleep before 1am!! I just can not function on 5 hours of least not as a nice person anyway. Yesterday I didn't leave the house, all day! I decided to stay in, clean, do laundry, do some work on the computer, clean out drawers, etc. It felt good to not put make up on or fix my hair for a day I must admit...and to just be able to get things done! I think we all need and deserve those days every once in a while!

Today, a local UK Fraternity that has done wonderful charity work around the city, is being recognized and honored for their hard work with a total makeover for their basement in the frat house... awesome! Even better, my mom was chosen as the Interior Designer ...
Cute little work picture haha

I am going to support her this morning and, lets be honest, because the news and ESPN will be there and filming the whole thing and I can't miss something huge like that lol.... so more to come on this, I will take pics and post them later today or tomorrow for everyone to see! Should be fun!

Do you watch Teen Mom 2??? If so... you will die at what was just released...
While just watching the news, well kind of facebooking and listening to the news on the TV, ha I just saw this... I am almost ashamed that I will be giving it views by posting but still...WARNING it is the trashiest thing you will ever watch and I am sorry for passing this classless act to you lol
(mute my playlist at the bottom first)

OMG are you dying? What a FREAK! I couldn't stand her on the show because I would get goosebumps when her and her even trashier mom would scream and yell at each other in front of Jace (1 yr old) ughh it would drive me crazy! Then she met Kieffer... what a TOTAL loser...and now she is beating up some girl like a true trashbag and letting it be video taped for the whole world to see. Wonder if they will ask her about it next Tuesday night on the after the show finale? Gross. Period the end. Gross.

On a brighter note, today would have been my Mamaw's 84th birthday... it has been almost 2 years since she passed and I miss her bunches! She was so funny and always smiling and just made you feel warm and cozy to be around (except for towards the end, she had Alzheimer's, and sometimes she would say crazy embarrassing things that literally you couldn't help but laugh at but really wanted to crawl under a table lol). I know she is having the best birthday yet today and in such a better place :)

This was one of her last birthdays... maybe 3 or 4 years ago She looks so happy though :)

This is one of my favorites, me mom and mamaw with our sunglasses on haha

So cute :)

She got to meet Frankie!! aww... this was right when we got him so he was a grease pot bc he couldn't get groomed yet lol but he does have on a green Polo you just can't see it ;)

Lastly, I made a facebook fan page for one of my builder accounts yesterday... please "Like" it .... especially if you are a Lexington friend, lol I appreciate your support and need to get some followers... you can click the link below:

Have a great day! PS. I think Greys is new tonight :)
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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A Great Time to Buy!

Watch this short clip on the improving economic growth forecast for 2011! Now is a  great time to buy. Contact me if I can help.

The Cut

As talk of a buyers' strike begins to filter through the media, the already striking buyers shrug their shoulders and hope the noobs will at least have the decency to bring some pizza with them to the picket line. Though in all reality a picket line gives a sense of presence, this strike is marked by the lack of anybody baring their arse anywhere.

If you want to know if there's a strike on or not, just ask the agents. Tales of desperation and woe are becoming commonplace; agents are cold calling people they had a conversation with at an open house two years ago; agency principals are throwing their young and stupid under the bus; and there are prayers for Japanese radiation to float towards Australia and fall as rain upon the graves of the recently departed - c'mon in this market who wouldn't sell to a reanimated corpse?

In Tasmania, the writing is on the wall is visible to some. Dean Chamley, who has run a successful flat fee real estate business across the North-West of Tasmania, is pulling the pin on his Devonport office. Chamley has grown using a basic approach that clearly appeals, yet it can't be forgotten he has also grown in a time of credit expansion, free government money and a manic dose of real estate myopia. The last decade of good times have been extrapolated all the way back to when man clubbed his dinner, then his wife, before chasing a woolly mammoth for sport. A time otherwise known as 1993. 

As Chamley, and the man who's scooping up his Devonport office, Michael Burr, said, there's too many agents in the area...
(Burr) said he was hoping to take on some of the Chamley staff and was going for expansion in the face of the toughest market in 20 years.

"We felt there were too many agencies in the district and it was not helping consumers.
(Chamley) said he made the decision to consolidate operations at Ulverstone, Wynyard and Burnie.

"You get to a stage where things tighten up and sometimes bigger's not better.

"The reality is there are too many agents out there, too many companies."
Now one of these guys is right and one of these guys is, huh? They're saying essentially the same thing but one is buying and the other is selling. Maybe there's some sense to be found elsewhere. As REIT president, Adrian Kelly said (in an unlinked sidebar article) the industry is shrinking, agents are leaving and firms are consolidating while noting...
"At the moment, in terms of the number of sales, volumes are down by 20% statewide compared to the same time last year."
Of course Adrian didn't leave out the old chestnut of being at the bottom, but as we know, those in the real estate biz can only predict two things - the growth to be expected and presence of a bottoming market, from where more growth will come.

With sales down 20% and agents going back to the big screen section of Harvey Norman, it's probably time to add something substantial of my own to this. I'm a day early, but here's the October to March listing increase for dwellings across the North-West and Launceston. (note Launceston is November to March)

Smithton, well it speaks for itself. As I've previously posted, it's been smashed and the UV index, well there's not enough rays of sunshine to power a solar dildo. The numbers across the western end are remarkably consistent, there's a spike in Port Sorell (which I've misspelt on the graph, like I keep saying this is a quality news source) which is holiday house and big swinging dick central, so if anyone's carrying too much vanity debt, it would be there. Devonport and Latrobe seem to be holding their own, but that's only in relation to some high comparisons. A 16% rise in listings over six months for a major population centre is no small feat.

Then consider the five month span of Launceston - up 31%. Enjoy the competition, folks and the discounts you'll have to endure.

Sales on the slide, listings on the spike, agents pulling up stumps. Anyone on an official strike might just be fashionably late, but welcome to the party, guys.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ballard Designs

I got the Ballard Design catalog over the weekend and I spotted these curtains.

Image from Ballard Designs

I think they look a lot like my Ikea curtains and Lowe's curtain rods. Mine cost about $64 total. The Ballard curtains are $70 for one panel.

Image from Ikea

I also love this  rug and considered it for my dining room. I like the idea of something washable that I could rinse with the hose! That would be perfect for the crayon and juice and other items my mess makers may get on it. Unfortunately, the sizes don't work for my dining room. But look at the prices...what a deal! I may get the small one for in front of my kitchen sink.

Image from Ballard Designs

When I Grow Up...

I know I have shared this on facebook... I stole it from a friend...but it always makes me laugh and on this nasty "Winter but it is Spring what the heck is going on" day outside... I thought everyone might could use a good laugh too....

In this photo:
This note accompanied this first graders homework assignment on parental occupations
Dear Ms. Davis,

I want to be perfectly clear on my child's homework illustration. It is NOT of me on a dance pole on a stage in a strip joint surrounded by male customers with money. I work at Home Depot and had commented to my daughter how much money we made in the recent snowstorm.

This drawing is of me selling a shovel.

Mrs. Harrington
And just for fun... in case you haven't alread seen... our KY Wildcats are pretty much famous and all the celebs want to be us ha... even Jay-Z for petes sake! LOVE it!

Happy Tuesday Friends! 

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Sunday, 27 March 2011


If you're a long term reader here, and no I'm not going to unfurl a list of every government agency, bank and brothel who send regular traffic here, but let's just say if you're in the Daily Planet and reading this site, you ain't getting value for money. All you real estate agents and bankers, you should only read this on work time - not at the knock shop.

But yeah, long termers. One of my earliest old gold standards was rambling about the levels of dwelling construction against the numbers of people being added to the Tasmanian population. Now depending on your time frame and we'll use the exact ABS figures, so the population is right, from 2003 to 2009 Tasmanian builders were pumping out a new dwelling per 1.62 people being added to the state population, when the average was at 2.4.

Now, the boys at the HIA have been notorious for using the arbitrary figure of Tasmania being 200 houses short a year, why not 225? Why not 175? Well who would know, maybe it's to scare up some business. But there's always a slight problem when you scare up business, because you might just scare up too much...
TASMANIA'S largest building company has laid off 18 workers since Christmas and industry groups have warned of job losses across the sector.
Master Builders Association state executive director Michael Kerschbaum said Federal Government stimulus funding had dried up, causing a downturn in construction work.

"Businesses are having to let workers go," he said. "A lot of them are depressing apprentice intakes as well.

Mr Kerschbaum said Tasmania's building and construction industry had significantly grown during the past decade and was now the state's third-biggest employer.

Now ignore the recent stimulus because that was just the safety pin keeping up the last brace on a few pairs of overalls, it wasn't real, nor sustainable and more related to sticking up BBQ sheds at inflated prices. But cruising back to 2003, if all of a sudden you're building a new dwelling for every 1.62 people being added to the state's population and it continues for a significant period of time, sooner or later, you might end up with one or three thousand too many.

Or as I once said, builders will end up with a constipated supply of specs jammed up their back passage. It's no secret there's empty and unloved new builds currently looking for an owner. The odds of being 200 houses short a year? Almost as good as me being guest speaker at the REIT awards this year. Consider the percentages of empty houses for sale I'd found in the North and North-West. That revelation served as something of strobe light to an epileptic, local real estate agents were having fits everywhere and screaming SHORTAGE even louder. 

Now back to the HIA...
Housing Industry Association state executive director Stuart Clues(sic) said the sector was in its worst slump in seven years.

"Since 2003, our guys have been flat out, busy, plenty of work," he said.

"They were expanding their business, putting on apprentices.

"We were propped up by stimulus spending and first home buyer grants but they stopped and what we're seeing is a 30 per cent decline.

"We're getting calls from builders desperate for work."
If I was a builder, I certainly wouldn't be living in hope. Because while I don't like to make too many big predictions on directions, Tasmania is clearly coming apart at the seams. The boom in construction over the past decade? It's interesting the Clunes-dawg points this out, especially the specific point of 2003 because from 2002 it seemed like someone lit a bottle rocket with Tasmania's house prices stuck to it.

From 2002

Burnie up 264%
Devonport up 197%
Launceston up 187%
Hobart up 215%

That bottle rocket is up there in the night sky somewhere, you just have to keep watching for the explosion and all the horror will be revealed. Builders flat out building since 2003, the industry expanding at a significant clip, dwellings being built at a rate of 1.62 per person added to the population all while house prices increased around 200% in the same period?

Can anyone say speculative construction bubble?

Listings are up, sales are down, finance is back to where it was before this boom period began and the only sticky thing right now? Prices.

Back to the words of Michael Kerschbaum...
He said many were relying on overdrafts to pay workers, in the hope of landing jobs in coming months... plumbers, electricians, engineers, architects and painters were among those hit by the downturn.
The now obvious to some, will be apparent to all in the aftermath, but many of these people had no idea what kind of market they were operating in. Like I've said before, if your own association keeps talking about shortages, buying another block and sticking up another house probably seems like a good idea. The demand is there, right?

Oh the demand is coming - the demand for answers. Fingers will go in every direction and no one will know anything. Leading indicator? Voodoo Blue HSV GTS Commodores offered for roadside sale.

What a weekend

What a weekend.... Shew!
Here's to the CATS! But first...
On Friday I had the privilege of closing a house with some wonderful first time home buyers!! Congratulations to Michelle Silver & Matt Havlin (stole your pic from fbook ha sorry but thanks!)
They were so great to work with and bought a beautiful house that will be perfect for them! I love working with first time buyers, it is the most fun experience! Please keep me in mind if you know anyone I greatly appreciate referrals!
What a game on Friday night...
I think the entire city of Lexington was up all night watching and then too totally pumped to go to bed! It was intense the entire game I felt like...but at least we pulled it off and no thanks to these guys...

Jorts!!! He was the man! We absolutely could not have done it without him...!! Love Him!
Then tonight's game... Another Win! FINAL FOUR baby woohoo!

If I am lucky, maybe I will be blogging from Houston in a week LOL :)
Since it's Sunday and RHWOC comes on tonight, I felt the need to do a little ditty about them this season because I haven't done so yet. Be pictures could include some soft porn from last weekend's episode HAHA
Ohhh Tamara... how you have shown your true colors....classless!

I am so over her I can't stand it! Ugh. Words can't describe. I used to give her the benefit of the doubt because I did sometimes think Simon was a little bit of a control freak... but now I see why... look at her ha. Gross. Get a room, preferably off TV.
As for Gretchen, I do like her!! Im just not too sure about Slade... what do you all think? I think he may be fame-hungry...but I think he really loves her and she loves him! So whatever makes her happy :)

And for Vickie, I feel sorry for her that her and Don are getting a divorce... I do like them, and I feel like they were doing so good and working it out.
Maybe they will re-unite before next season lol you never know!

This is random but I forgot to share that I went to a charity event last week called Bids for Kids, my great sweet friend Noreen took me and it was so nice and such a good time. There was a silent auction (which I love, they are so fun!) but somehow this was the only thing I ended up coming home with...

A BIG basket of goodies for my baby! Treats (which made his butt throw up all night ha sorry if that was TMI), lots of toys and bones and even a new bottle of cologne! He loved it! (Hence the posing next to it for a quick photo op) <3 his little heart!

At church this morning, Ava said in her class she was asked to draw a picture of herself somewhere she is happy... and she chose the beach...this was her picture...

Look at her bikini hahahahaha is that the funniest thing you have ever seen?! So sweet! I don't know what is funnier, the fact that the bathing suit looks like it is from Vicki's and she has huge boobs (she is 6yrs old) HA or the fact that she did this artistic rendering at CHURCH! LOL too funny. made me laugh.

And lastly but very importantly... I will be putting on a NEW listing tomorrow! Great house for sale for all you Lexington friends... more to come later, but here is a sneak peek ;)

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

It's Spring time!

It's Spring....
and boy am I oh-so ready for the warm weather!
(not the allergies and headache I had the past two days however)
This warmness is getting me excited about so many things: people are out buying houses (yayyy! two offers this week so far), I can clean out my car and not get frost bite, go for walks (I wore work out clothes two days this week and did not work out one single bit, story of my life), Frankie can play outside with his friends...
 Frankie & Lucy-Belle hanging out at the park
Frankie & his cousin (mom's dog) Barlcay enjoying a ride with the windows down :)
and... Easter, my fave holiday, is right around the corner...however this has brought a few negatives into my life:
I have eaten one of these every night before bed ugh take.them.away.please (no not really babe if you're reading this ha)
I got these ridiculously good cookies for the kids (and bc they have a theme and I love themes lol) and can crush 4-5 in one sitting... not good people!
HOWEVER - Spring is exciting because it is time to clean out the old and get some new things!! These are things I am lusting over right now that are def my Spring Must Have's!!!
 LOVE this Lily dress in white, must have, so cute....
 This Lily Dress is so cute too... obsessed... I die (when does Rachel Zoe come back on? love her!)
 And both of these Lily's too.... in two colors haha love how simple they are and comfy looking!

Since my mom stole my black Tory Burch's haha she will need to be getting me a new pair, and I am thinking I want tan and gold :) Thanks Lynda.
Since everyone has been talking about these dang Clarisonics and how great their skin is looking thanks to this thing, I guess I will have to fork up the $149 and see what all the hype is about lol and I like this limited edition cute printed one too!

This body? Um yes please! haha. That is unrealistic I realize, so I will just take all 3 of these swimsuits from Vicki's for vaca and the pool this summer!
In attempt to getting "summer swim suit ready" I REALLY need to invest back into the only workout that I have ever enjoyed and get my butt back to....

It is really the only workout that I could see fast results from, and I am a lover of instant gratification. 

Along with my wants, our patio is also is some need of new cushions and pillows... I love ALL of these from Ballards so that will be a tough decision to make.... ;)

Don't even begin to think I forgot my sweet angel... Frankie needs new Spring attire as well and these are the colors he will be getting :)

 Hahaha how cute are those? He already has a green & blue but they are looking a little worn.

I think that's it for now :) However I did see this picture today and laughed outloud to myself and thought I would share if you haven't already seen it... Happy Wednesday!

PS. THANK YOU PinkLouLou for the shout out today, look at my I am so super excited!
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