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Irene in Pictures

We are safe but haven't had power since Saturday at noon with no real estimate on when it will return. Our neighbors tell us they were without power for 12 days during Isabel. Let's hope that is not the case this time! Here are some pictures from our experience.

Cross your fingers our power comes back soon!


Apologies, I'm unable to post at the moment. Will return in October.

Bachey Weekend!

This weekend I am on a mini vaca in Tennessee (my second favorite home ha) for a Bachey party!
I will have tons of pics to follow when we get home... but for now....this is my view...

And this is the lovely "soon to be bride" we are celebrating for...

Me & Whitney :)

(with her fiance Brian) How cute are they? Love them!
I love it here. If I could live here I would, literally tomorrow. I love the house we are staying in,  it is Whitney's future in-laws lake house.
We came here before for a mini girls vaca and I wanted to stay forever!
Today we are going to lay out, mess around, go to the outlets in Pigeon Forge and then out for dinner!
Hope you're having a great weekend!!


It has been a busy week, we are preparing and wondering if Irene will hit Richmond. I have my batteries and water just in case.

A  few picutres of my darling Clyde that I discovered on my cell phone....

Be safe everyone!

Michael's Menu Planner

Michael planned our menus and did the grocery shopping this week. Here goes....

Monday - Stuffed Pork Chops, Cinammon Apples, Stovetop

Tuesday - Angela's Awesome Enchiladas

Wednesday - Zatarain's Jambalaya with Salad

Thursday - Buitoni Tortellini with Bread and Salad

Friday - Steaks with Twiced Baked Potatoes and Corn on the Cob

Oh, How Pinteresting Mondays!

Still obsessed with Pinterest, still want to stay up all night looking at cute stuff, lol
Look at all this cuteness I have found... :)

Monogrammed Balloons...Must.Find.These! Love them :)
Buffalo Chicken Nachos This picture makes my mouth water ha So yummy... will try these soon and let you know, but thinking they would be awesome for tailgating!!
Love everything about it this! Look at her arm candy! AHHH! So cute!
How cute is this?? You could do it on and do it on the first and last day of school every year!
Another laundry room obsession... love this rug!!
Um this is amazing... how excited would you be if this was your back yard????
Love this Polyvore collection for Fall :)
Cute lunch idea :)
Lastly, I love this, I want to frame it! :) Makes me happy!!
Enjoy your Monday!

A Football Birthday :)

This was a busssyyy weekend!
We celebrated my dad's birthday and it was so fun :) We had a little get together at our house and cooked, ate, opened presents, played football in the backyard, ate an amazing cake, etc! Ha!
I decided to go with a mini theme for this party... a KY Wildcat Football theme! How awesome is that? I'm pretty sure my dad loved it ;) And it was fun stuff I already had most of from previous football tailgates and parties!
Just some fun decorations!
I love these containers! You can use them for decorations, seasonal stuff (I'm thinking pumpkins for Fall, Christmas decorations, etc!) Or even food in them would be cute too! The front has the chalk board paint on it so you can write whatever you want! They came from one of my fave stores, House by JSD Designs on Deleware Ave here in Lex!
Ok ... I won't make you wait... I know you're all dying to see the cake!!! And it was a favorite that is for sure! Loved it, so cute... Confused Confections Bakehous…