Irene in Pictures

We are safe but haven't had power since Saturday at noon with no real estimate on when it will return. Our neighbors tell us they were without power for 12 days during Isabel. Let's hope that is not the case this time! Here are some pictures from our experience.

Ready for the storm!

With loveys in tow!

Hurricane Supplies

Watching Calliou on the Ipad while Irene passes by outside

Not too bad!

This picture is minus a couple of large limbs that had already been removed but could have been so much worse. Several trees were down over roadways in our neighborhood.

Clean up

Sorting sticks...Camille organized them into piles: big sticks with pine tags, sticks no pine tags, pine cones and acorns!

Our nice neighbor let Michael borrow his tractor to help get up the debris.

Oh we bought this yesterday am, and have plugged in our refrigerator, tv, wireless internet, a few lamps. It is better than nothing. Not excited about my cold shower.

Lovey got wet and we had to hang to dry!

There have been lots of arts & crafts!
Cross your fingers our power comes back soon!


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