Friday, 30 September 2011

I'm Back!

My poor little bloggy... I have paid it no attention for one solid week and I have so much to blog about I don't even know where to begin!!! This has been a crazy week! I have been super busy, had no time to blog OR (gasp!) even stalk read my regular blogs that I follow! :( I'm going through MAJA withdrawls!

Tonight I am home, under a blanket, and going to get back into my blogs and a little Pinterest too for that matter lol my life hasn't been the same this week without them!

This will be a bunch of randomness, my apologies, but I have too much to share!
I guess I will start with most recent... to oldest news ha ;)

Navy is the new dark... for your nails that is! Everything I am reading says Navy is "the" Fall Polish Color... so tonight when I went to visit Tee at Red Nails (Lex ladies... Red Nails in Fayette Mall, Tee is my girl, you will LOVE her, she has done my nails for as long as I can remember but she wouldn't let me take her picture to put on my blog haha!I tried!) ... I went crazy and decided to try navy... Russian Navy that it, by OPI...

And IRL (in real life for the new blogger followers!)

And just for fun, here are some of my facebook comments on it
(ignore Jason and my brother... what do guys know about polish anyway? hahaha!) 
Can you read those?? I can't tell if it's too small or not ha. Sorry if you can't... I need to perfect my print screen skills maybe!

Next in my randomness...
One of my favorite things about Fall that I left off of my last blog on accident...

That's right... Creamy Tomato Soup from Panera!!! My favorite. Don't mind it is the worst soup on the entire menu for you, at 330 calories for a bowl (doesn't count the bread either ha, now I'm really screwed) but it is the yummiest and my most fave! Just in moderation :)

On Wednesday Emily and I attended the "Get Motivated" speaking seminar at RUPP... it was pretty good (minus the fact we were in traffic for over an hour trying to get there!)
But I did get to hear two of my favorite speakers...
Coach Cal and Laura Bush!

They were both good! There were some other good ones too... we didn't get to hear everybody but these two were my favorite :)

Also on Wednesday, the kids were begging to get out the Halloween and Fall Decor ... so I trucked it through the attic and spent 4 hours going through it all, seeing what we would use this year.. and then putting it all out! Got me in the spirit for Christmas though, weird I know... but I just wanted to skip Halloween and bring out the Christmas trees!

Notice Frankie, just laying in the middle... don't mind him, he just has to be in the mix so he doesn't miss anything lol

My friend Whitney got MARRIED!! Yayy!! Her and Brian walked down the isle last weekend and I am ashamed I didn't get to share the pics before now.. but here are some from the night...

The wedding was supposed to be outside but due to mother nature, it got moved in the barn at Talon... but was still so beautiful :) Loved these big burlap initial letters that were behind them during the ceremony!

The lighting was no good for my camera where we were sitting but this is still cute :)

Ummmm how cute is that? Something Blue!
Light blue sparkly TOMS! Love them! So Whitney!!

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gilliam :)
Love this pic!
(Whitney changed into a shorter, comfy, dancing dress!)

Kelly (and baby Mack ha), Chrissy, Steph & Me :)
Friend's since 5th grade... awww!

Pretty bridesmaids and their hubby's (kinda Kimmie ha)
Manny, Laura, Kim & Clay
PS. Are those the cutest bridesmaids dresses you have EVER seen? I loved them!

Love these napkins! Adorable!

Steph & I

Chris & I


Kim & Clay ... love this pic... needs to be your alls new profile pic on fbook lol

Largest cupcake tower I've ever seen ... so yummy!

Grooms cake... we still love him, even though he's got the wrong team!!!!!!! jk

Love the twinkling lights in the ceiling!

Whitney you did an amazing job and it was so pretty!! Can't wait to hear all about your honeymoon!
Love you! XO

Just in case anyone is wondering what Frankie is up to these days...

The little spoiled thing just follows me around and sleeps on the bed, and his current obsession is string cheese! He is mildly obsessed (that's my fave snack so clearly he just likes it because I do) and as soon as I open the door to the fridge he is right under me waiting for some ha! Love his heart!
Could he be any cuter? I think not! ;)

Well I still need to Pinterest and do a post of the Celebrity Birthday Party I am in preparation for... and also Chris's birthday is Monday so we will be having some more celebrations to do as well!!

Have a great weekend!!!
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Facebook & Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend! My sisters, cousin and I are hosting a shower this weekend for another cousin, Anne Taylor, who is getting married next weekend! Anne Taylor babysits a ton for us and Camille & Clyde are in the wedding! They are excited. I just hope they do everything they are supposed to!

Anyway...I have a day of cleaning ahead of me and my sweet grandmother is coming over to polish silver! Love her because I hate doing it! I have been doing a lot of projects this week includings Camille's curtains which are up! Woohoo! I will be back next week with some posts!

In the meantime, I created a facebook page for my business and blog. Please click here to "like" me on Facebook. Thanks!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Camille, the budding artist

Camille comes home from school with lots of  artwork and she also creates at home. Check out our art supplies here and see the picture she painted for my birthday here.

Last week, she came home with this watercolor.

It reminded me of some of the images I have seen on Etsy and Pinterst.




Today, I purchased an frame with double mat for $11 at Ben Franklin Crafts.

I think it looks great!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Bedroom Pillow

So I have many projects on the list that involve my sewing machine but my first one is complete!

I finally used the fabric I purchased at Garden Ridge last February...3 yards for $5.99. I bought some trim at Hancock Fabrics for less than $4 and I cut the pillow form out of the pillow previously in this chair.

C&C had to get in on the action! They love a photo shoot.
I am happy with the results. On to the next project...curtains for Camille's room. They are cut and I just need to sew them now!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Menu Planner

Here goes.....

Sunday - "Easy Dinner" Barber Chicken Breasts, Wild Rice, Green Bean

Monday - Super Simply, Super Spicy Mongolian Beef

Tuesday - Chicken Piccata, Parmesan Risotto, Salad

Wednesday - Macaroni Turkey Bake (with ground  turkey instead of beef)

Thursday - Robin Miller's Parmesan-Sage Pork Loin

I used my sewing machine for the first time this weekend....stay tuned for a post on what I made!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Happy Fall Ya'll!

This is NO secret...
I LOVE Fall!
Love every single thing about it!!
 (With one small exception, that it does mean Winter is right around the corner which borderline makes me depressed!)

However... other than that.... Fall is totally my favorite season!!

And here are a few reasons why... :)
(In no particular order)

Time to burn Fall-Like Candles!!! Yes!
My two favorite Yankees... Autumn Leaves and Harvest... Immediately makes me feel excited to smell these!
I have heard that Bath and Body Works has some amazing ones right now too, guess I will be trying those also! 

I have SUCH an obsession with Mums! And not ordinary, plain ol' mums... BIG HUGE YELLOW MUMS just like this pic! I can't wait to get new ones and put them outside this year! It is of my favorite things to do!

I LOVE going to the pumpkin patch... anyone really.. this is Evan's Orchard in the pics, but just any pumpkin patch will do :) So much fun! It's fun to take the kids... and I love picking out pumpkins and decorations!
This means tailgates, and chili, and cornhole, and tailgating, and some more tailgating! :)
Nothing like an afternoon football game when the sun is shining but you can wear jeans and boots and a cute shirt to the game! (maybe a blanket for the chilly nights)
Refer to my polyvore creation below from previous post, for my fave tailgate outfit for the season... Cup and all

Kentucky Football Tailgating!

Kentucky Football Tailgating! by danagentry featuring circular scarves

Next up...

Starbucks Hot Chocolate!! Yumm!! My fave!!

Fall also means... time to bust out my favorite accessory... scarves!!!
Several people asked where my blue scarf is from that I wear to the UK games... the brand is Love Quotes... it is my absolute favorite scarf I own...I wear it ALL the time... it comes in a million colors! I got mine at Voce Boutique on Clay Ave wear I get my hair did. Got it last year but I know they have some now, and I am itching for more colors... like the teal above, love that one! Also black, grey, tan, ha basically all of them!

Time to also bust out my favorite shoes... UGGS!
Wear them all the time in the Fall/Winter... to work, to appts, to show houses, don't really care if they aren't fancy (sorry potential clients ha) but they are warm and cozy and comfortable, and I love them.
The above pair are the new leather ones they came out with last year... and I am slowly hinting to a certain person who's initials are CJ and lives in the same house as me :) But I am lusting over the above boots major!
Fall TV is absolutely the BEST! Desperate Housewives, Grey's, Private Practice, Brothers & Sisters, blah blah! We know my DVR is working full time in the Fall :)
Lastly, we have lots of birthdays in the Fall... Chris, Ella, Ava, Myself, and I know there are more! So we are constantly planning and having parties, which I loooovvvee!
This weekend I will post what I've got going so far for Ella & Ava's Celebrity Style Birthday Party!!
But here is a sneak peak at the invitation...
Brace Yourself... :)
Ordered from this etsy user, Postcard Creations
They were sooo great to work with, she changed the girl's hair color to match theirs in real life for me... and was super quick to respond. These are the cutest invites I've done yet AND they are the cheapest! You buy the image from the etsy user for only $12.95 then you can print them on cardstock or photo paper from your home, office, or go to Kinkos and they will do it there. This etsy user has all kinds of party invitations... SO Cute!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful FALL day :)
I will be working, cleaning house, going to the grocery, getting a spray tan and my nails done, and getting ready for the wedding festivities of my friend Whitney! Can't wait to see how pretty she looks!!!
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Stoakley Garden Update

Last April we planted a garden, you can read about it here and here. It was a fun project that is still providing veggies for us. Look what I pulled out of our garden this week.

We have one tomato plant and one pepper plant left.

I was at the greenhouse today and they had romaine, arugula, cabbage and cauliflower on sale....10 plants for $5. I read that those plants would survive cooler temperatures so I decided to try it. Here is our garden now.

We are all ready for fall around here.

I found these mums at the Dollar Tree! Woohoo!