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Great Trip!

Michael and I had a great extended weekend in Ft Lauderdale. We choose the destination because  it was beachy and you could fly direct there from Richmond via Jet Blue!

We stayed at the Hilton Ft Lauderdale Beach Resort. It was nice and we liked it because each room had a kitchen. We picked up some beer, wine, waters, breakfast bars etc on our way from the airport which helped cut down on our dining out costs.

We did manage to have some great dinners there....we dined at Saia at the B Ocean Ft Lauderdale Hotel. And Last night, we ate at Johnny V's on the Las Olas strip....another delicious meal.

Thanks again to my mom, Kate & Anne Hunter for watching Camille and Clyde. I know they had fun and it was great knowing they were in the best hands. It was wonderful to get away but I missed those two...we had a tearful reunion today at the airport!

We have a busy rest of the week....a real estate closing, my first meeting for this year's Jazz Festival at Maymont, and gearing up fo…

Joplin Pic

At church yesterday they mentioned the destruction in Joplin from the terrible storms and tornadoes that hit a few weeks back... and they showed this picture... and I just thought it was so cool... I had to share. You have may have already seen it, but I hadn't, and I loved it!

No buildings left standing in the entire area, everything totally demolished, but the one thing standing firm was the cross in the background that I'm assuming was on a church.
So neat. Reminds me that during storms and trials, no matter what kinds, HE is always there :) Hope this brightens your day!

Rules don't apply

Nine months ago I was telling him housing was in a pickle - huh? Six months ago his ears prick up - oh yeah? Three months ago he acknowledged he'd noticed the same - the market is slow. Today he's telling me the market is falling - but then he tells me his big plans, apparently this falling market thing bears no relation to his own house.

When 'they' say real estate is local, they aren't kidding. It's not the region; the suburb; the street; or even the house - it's the mind. While not medically proven yet, there's a housing gland in everyone's head and some people are unlucky enough to have a tumour grow on that gland. That tumour puts pressure on the housing gland, which then secretes house hormones that endlessly inflate the value of your house - in your own mind.

I couldn't imagine how big his tumour was, but all logic flew out the window. Despite the signs of the housing apocalypse - an apocalypse he readily acknowledged - he intended to renov…

Likes/Obsessions & Dislikes

Maybe I have been watching a little too much "Live with Andy Cohen" on Bravo, and his 3 things he is obsessed with each week, lol, but I thought it would be a good idea to do my weekly "3 obsesses/dislikes" too.
Great idea, thanks Andy! ;)

3 Obsessions of the Week:
1. This CRAZY Trial... can't.stop.watching!
Uggghhh she is driving me absolutely crazy. I am not mentioning her name is this post because I don't want google to pick it up and all these crazy's coming to my blog haha. But you know her, who doesn't lets be honest? Just breaks my heart for that poor little girl BUT I still can not stop watching it. I was overly obsessed with it when she went missing and throughout the whole entire things in 2008. I read the court docs online and everything (yes, I am a freak ha). I just got wrapped up in it. So I can't help but follow it now, and I mean it helps a little that it is on HLN 24/7 literally nonstop.
This lady is on my nerves... now she is tryi…


This past weekend we went to Gatlinburg to just have some relaxing fun time with the kids and go to Dollywood! To make a long story short... it wasn't exactly the trip I had in mind! We went a day early to not be "rushed" because my whole entire life is a big rush ha. We planned on leaving early that day, which of course didn't happen because I had a million things to do before we left. I was really sad about leaving Frankie, so against Chris's will, he finally gave in and let him go! Yayy! :) The ride down was good, we even stopped and got some ice cream...

When we got there we had to find a "pet friendly" hotel until we could check into our cabin the next day. This was a task... finding a pet friendly hotel in Gatlinburg that was NOT on the bed bug registry! This brings me to my next point... if you don't know about the bed bug registry then you need to! It is awesome. You can search any city or hotel and see if it pops up on the registry of any ca…

Happy Weekend!

Look what we pulled from our garden!
So excited and can't wait to see how everything tastes. I have to say the squash is a funky color so not too sure!

Check out those tomato plants. They are now leaning over so I have to figure that out.
Tomorrow, Michael and I are off on a 3 night vacation alone! We haven't done something like this since our honeymoon almost 7 years ago. I can't wait to lay by this pool for the next few days.

Thanks to Gammy,  Kate & Anne Hunter for helping to make this possible! And to all the buglars out there...our home will be fully occupied!