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Happy Halloween!

We are all ready for Halloween around here. We had a family pumpkin carving contest yesterday...Michael and Clyde vs. Alyson and Camille. We used the same stencils we used last year. I would say Michael and Clyde  are the clear winners  with their pirate pumpkin! Ours is a  kitty is hard to tell.

Excuse the leaves...Guess I should get to those before the trick or treaters come! ;)
Another busy weekend. Saturday morning, I was up early for my HandsOn Day service project with Target at Southside Child Development Center. We had an amazing group of close to 100 Target employees who came out in the cold and rain to beautify and make improvements to the center. We made a sandbox cover, landscaped and spread playground mulch in addition to sanitizing the classrooms, washing windows and repairing and hanging new shelving. It was a great morning!

Later that night, Michael and I had our 15 year high school reunion...for those that don't know, we are high school sweethearts. :) My friend, Melissa and I, planned the event which was held at Europa. It was lots of fun catching up with everyone.

I am feeling tired today. ;) I have planned our menu but haven't done my grocery shopping yet. Tonight, Michael is making italian sausage spaghetti with ingredients we have on hand.

Here goes....

Monday - Happy Halloween!

Tuesday - Chicken Pot Roast with Sassy Salsa

Wednesday -…

Toddler Activity Exchange

Last week, I attended a toddler activity exchange organized by my friend, Kristen, and based on the exchange found in this post. It was lots of fun and I came home with 19 new activities for Camille & Clyde.

We had to make 21 kits and I decided on an i-spy kit. Well after sewing about 14 of these pillow like bags, I have to say I was sorta over it and keep having to give myself pep talks to complete. Here is a quick review of my project....

It was a fun experience getting to know some new moms. And we came home with some great kits that Camille and Clyde have really enjoyed playing with.

My Current Faves!

Warning... this will be a totally random post!
Things I love, The Crock Pot Ribs Turnout, Pumpkin Patches, etc

I like to occasionally do a list of some current things I'm obsessed with... and it's been a while! So here is what I've got for today... randomness at it's best ;)

I get borderline snobby about two things... shampoo/conditioner & mascara (3 things actually I guess, if you count hair stuff seperately ha). Those are my two things that I try several different types of, but am super picky about!
My hair has been changing in a MAJOR way over the past year... it has always been super thick, and recently has been thinning and breaking off (so much so I even had to have Whit check my thyroid b/c I was so paranoid!). So I decided to switch up my shampoo/conditioner again and this time went with what trusty ol' Leigh Ann recommended... which were the Pink bottles of Kerastase from Voce. It has helped a LOT! My hair feels so much better and isn't feeling as t…

Apple Pie!

We did it! After our trip to the apple orchard last Saturday, Camille and I decided we would make an apple pie. It was my first attempt at a pie and I think it turned out fabulous. I used Mark Bittman's apple pie recipe from How to Cook Everything. I cheated and used a store bought pie crust.

Here is our experience in pictures....

Time for a blog on the shows...

I feel like I haven't talked anything about all my shows in forever!

So I thought this would be a good time to do so :)

WTH has happened to Teresa Guidice??

Every past season I liked her, I thought she was funny and a little crazy but still funny. This season... my oh my what a different story! She is a lunatic! She thinks she does no wrong, she threw all her friends under the bus in her new cookbook, and she is clearly jealous of Melissa, I don't know why she won't just give it up. I think the relationship she wants/dreams about with her brother is freaky and weird ha. Am I alone on this? I feel bad for Caroline, she has treated her like absolute crap. I am so over Teresa!!!!
Another disappointment from the RHWBH...
I am kinda of annoyed with Kyle, which saddens me so much to say... :( Because I have always loved her and thought she was the most down to earth and is my fave of all the girls! But I feel like she is in denial about Kim her sister, and she is starting to make …

Oh, How Pinteresting Monday, Etc.

Good news and bad news...

Good News First ... this is my 100th Blog Post!!! :) Isn't that crazy? Can't believe how much this little fun bloggy has changed my life, literally. It has brought me new friends, been a way for family and friends who don't live here to know what's going on with us, given me an outlet and way to relax and do something fun that I enjoy, and more importantly, given me a way to freeze tons of memories and pictures and events for years to come! I just love it!

Thank you to everyone who follows, reads, stalks, lol and comments! :) I enjoy reading everyone's emails and comments so much! I will get better at replying I promise!

Sometimes when I think about the fact that I know people who more than likely read my blog, that I really don't want knowing ANYTHING about my personal life, I get a little weirded out and think maybe I should give it a rest for a while and not post as personal of stuff on here. But then I just think that really I will…