Toddler Activity Exchange

Last week, I attended a toddler activity exchange organized by my friend, Kristen, and based on the exchange found in this post. It was lots of fun and I came home with 19 new activities for Camille & Clyde.

We had to make 21 kits and I decided on an i-spy kit. Well after sewing about 14 of these pillow like bags, I have to say I was sorta over it and keep having to give myself pep talks to complete. Here is a quick review of my project....

I don't have a good picture of this but I sewed clear plastic to this fabric square. Then attached the two fabric pieces like I would a pillow leaving a little opening to put in the rice.

These items went in the ispy bag and then I printed this picture and included it with each kit.

Finished Product

All 21! Finally done. ;)
It was a fun experience getting to know some new moms. And we came home with some great kits that Camille and Clyde have really enjoyed playing with.


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