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Wednesday Randoms

I know what you're thinking ...

3 days in a row of new blog posts ...? Yes that's correct ... I am totally back on track :)

First things first ...
If you have NOT watched Pretty Little Liars from last night STOP READING RIGHT NOW!!
I don't want to spoil it for anyone haha!


I am still in shock!

Are you kidding me? Whoa! Never saw that one coming! I am still telling myself someone made Toby put that black hoodie on at the end. Surely he can't be A .. surely he didn't take Spencer's V-card and then be a psycho path A!? I knew Nate was a crazy the whole time ... called it from the get-go. But Toby? No way. He was one of my favorites! :( So sad.
I feel so betrAyed ... hahaahha 
sorry couldn't help myself lol

Ok let's do a little wedding update ... 
Last night we had a tasting at our caterer for the wedding and let me tell you what, I almost had to have Chris pull over on the way home so I could vom on the side of the road because I ate SOO m…

Party Central! WoopWoop!

Hello Friends!

Thanks for all the sweet comments and emails from yesterdays post :) I am so happy to be back!!

Now I am in the process of catching up on everyone else's blogs too!!

Before we get to the recent parties I have announcements:

Today is a BIG day for two reasons ...

#1 We have a tasting for our wedding food this afternoon! 
I have been starving myself all day and am SO ready to go eat some yummy food :) Will update how that went tomorrow! I am little nervous about it, picking food for several people to like is kind of a lot of pressure?!?!

#2 Tonight is the season finale of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS .. who will betrAy them?

Who is your pick?
The last episode showed two black hoodie people .. hmmm... ??

I really am feeling like its Paige, I've never liked her ... but my friend Cory thinks differently ... see below, he is a PLL expert to by the way ha!

So if not Paige... who could it be?? We shall see tonight!!!!

Ok next order of business ... PARTY TIME!

I have pics from a few of the pa…

Favorite Drug Store Beauty Products

I have been planning this post in my head for a while now but have finally gotten my act together to write it.

Target and Walmart have become my favorite sources for finding makeup these days. Here are a few of my favorites....

Target Pixi  Eye Shadow in Boho Bronze. This looks completely different in person and I swipe it on with a little bit of white shadow under my eyebrow. $15 seems pricey for the drugstore but it has lasted me a while.

Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner in Espresso.  I use this on the top lids only because I have a major problem with eyeliner & mascara running.

Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash Mascara. As revealed above my mascara runs like crazy so years ago I switched to clear.

Hard Candy makes a line for Walmart and I love this Hide & Glow Duo Cheek Tint. I use Pillow Talk 316.

And my favorite lip gloss is Revlon Superlustrous in Shine City.

I also love this cleanser and moisturizer by CeraVe. I am a Cetaphil convert. The moisturizer is SPF 30 and als…