Executive Summary

Executive Summary


46% of millionaires invest in real estate. Thousands of books are published every year that support real estate as a way to grow financial wealth. In these books, the number one piece of advice you will find, is to place the properties you buy with a property management company.

This business plan outlines the ambitions of a company that aims to be Mobile's largest residential property management firm.
Our goal within the first year is to aquire a  minimum of two hundred properties. Two hundred properties at an average rental price of six hundred dollars a month will be one hundred and twenty thousand dollars of gross rent collected per month. At an average management fee of 9% this will be ten thousand and eight hundred dollars of gross profit for the management company.

In addition each property will be charged a setup/leasing fee of one hundred and fifty dollars.  This will amount to an additional thirty thousand in income.

Other additonal cash creators for us will be late fees, over rides on repairs, at request inspections, and sales.


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