Sunday Recap

Still waiting for Sandy here in RVA. Yesterday, we spent most of the day indoors. Here are some quick pics from the day. 

Puppets inspired from this pin on Pinterest

Preview of my sewing project

Craft #2

Chocolate Peanut Butter Covered Bananas  always looking for ways to get fruits & veggies in Clyde. He wouldn't touch them. 

Another attempt...he liked these okay. I thought they were tasty. 

This is the cell phone I am using these day.  I feel like the last person on the planet with out an iPhone. And my more recent Blackberry broke so I resorted to this one which is so old school and awful! Been to Verizon twice and called twice trying to get them to upgrade me early no luck since I want an iPhone. 

Michael created a countdown for me because I said I felt like a kid at Christmas. Maybe I need to make one of those chains that you pull a link off every day. We went with this instead. 
 The kids are out of school and it is barely raining but maybe it is to come. What will we do today?


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