School Year Resolutions Update & Menu Planner

Last August, I made two school year resolutions, eat dinner as a family and start a chore and good eater chart. Now that the school year is over, let's check in on how I am doing.

Eat Dinner As a Family: FAIL!
I really would love to be able to have dinner waiting on the table at 6:00 pm when Michael walks in the door from work but I couldn't get it altogether and it was creating a lot of stress. First problem, Camille & Clyde were starving and from 5:00 until 6:00 pm and they asked me every other minute if dinner was ready. Second problem, I am short order cook and Camille and Clyde eat something different from Michael and me and sometimes each other. So a lot of nights, I am preparing three different meals and that made it harder to get it complete by 6:00 pm. Third problem, Michael doesn't always want to eat dinner the minute he walks in the door. Fourth problem, I have a job and my hours are not 9:00 am until 5:00 pm and sometimes work things come up and I can't start dinner at 5:00 pm.

I still have a big problem with Clyde as a picky eater and my pediatrician told me to make the same meal for everyone and if Camille & Clyde don't want it offer one boring option as a back up such as peanut butter sandwich and offer that every time. The hope is they will get so bored with peanut butter sandwiches they will try what you made. I have given it a lot of thought and need to decide if I am disciplined enough to do this.

I think the new goal perhaps should be one a week we eat dinner as a family. Baby steps here. And maybe we can work our way up to more nights.

Start a Chore and Good Eater Chart: PASS! 
Let's end on a high note. I think I passed this one!

We still keep up with this and I even have Camille & Clyde helping to unload the dishwasher and put away their laundry now. It works well for us and I can really get them to accomplish a bunch if we are two or three stars away from a TOY! As a reminder, once they get 15 stars, they get to select a toy from a basket of $5-$10 toys I keep in the attic.

Here goes with this week's menu planner....

Sunday - Salmon & Guacamole Sandwiches, Corn on the Cob

Monday - Brown Butter Gnocchi

Tuesday - Spicy Chicken Tacos with Chipotle Cream

Wednesday - BBQ Chicken Pizza and Pepperoni for Camille & Clyde

Thursday - Veal Saltimbocca, Sauteed Squash and Zucchini


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