Dollar Tree Favorites

I have always been a huge fan of the Dollar Tree. One Saturday, Michael went with me to this mecca of bargains and the cashier was really friendly when we walked in the door and said hello to us. Michael later said to me "there seems to be a lot of familiarity between you and the cashier." Ha!  He also often wonders how I can spend $20 or $30 at the Dollar Tree!? Maybe I wonder that myself. But are some of my recent favorites...

Modeling Clay. Okay...Moms and Dads are you with me here....Play doh is the worst! Makes a huge mess yet your children love it! This seems to be the case in our house. I picked this modeling clay up the other day and it is totally mess free...entertained the children for a solid amount of time. Definitely will be buying more.

Modeling Clay

Play Pack Grab & Go. Keep these in your purse or car for trips with your kids to restaurants, doctors, mechanics. I previously bought the Dover Little Activity Books for my purse but this is better because they contain an activity or coloring book, stickers and crayons or makers. Certainly better than a restaurant meltdown that leads to a quick exit before dinner is served.

Play Pack Grab & Go

And last but not least. I LOVE this soap. As a parent, it seems that I am constantly washing my hands. This soap is so moisturizing and my hands have been much less dry this winter. I have a bottle by every sink!

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