Wedding Wednesday:)

Shew ... whoever said planning a wedding is stressful was RIGHT!

Good grief ... 

I always said I would never be the stressed out bride. 
I would be the "go with the flow" never crazy or bitchy, just excited and happy ... 

Welllll, that bird has flown the coup friends .. I am officially stressed! 
(of course not crazy or bitchy though..yet! ha!)

hahahahaha this is hysterical!
Don't fret, this is not me, there are probably only about 3 people in the world I would actually like to punch in the throat, and they have nothing to do with the wedding lol!!
 (and no no no I won't name them, I'm not talking bad about people for lent this year ha) 

I think it is all the small little details that I am stressing about (not to mention I have OCD) and then also just getting things done in a timely manner when you work 60 hours a week and try to have a life at the same time, makes things a little more difficult too. 
Plus don't even get me started on how expensive all this stuff is!! Who knew forks and tables and bathrooms could add up to be so much? Every time I get on Pinterest I feel like I need to order something else ... Or I make a decision on something and get on Pinterest and see something totally different that I like better! 

hahaha again, hysterical and true. 

Poor Chris... I told him today the wedding is just going to be a total surprise party to him because I tell him something, then change my mind and forgot to tell him the new idea lol ;)
 He is so sweet ... he mostly cared about 4 things ...
1. The food 
2. The cake 
3. Me wearing my hair down and wavy like he likes it ha
4. and just marrying me ... and being happy :) 
So sweet, I know, but that is truly what he says and what he cared about, the rest he said he trusts my taste and judgement and I have never picked out anything thus far in our house, clothes, etc that he didn't like.
I think he will like everything ... if not .. you know what they say ... 

 I am full of these today, can you tell? hahahaha

In all reality ... I am in love with my wedding dress.
It hasn't come in yet, but I look at the pictures of it daily on my phone ha. I just love it. 
BUT ... does anybody but me have this feeling ... 

I am TERRIFIED that I will see another dress I like more!!
So I keep trying to skim past them really fast when I am scrolling down Pinterest lol 
We for serious need a filter for this!! ;) 

So today I met with my florist and in all honesty it made me feel so much better!
I am so excited about the flowers and decor ... and wanted to share a sneak peak ... 

Obsessed with these!
Some of the tables will have the tall arrangements with the birch wrapping which I am in love with .. but lots more flowers in them (this was a fake arrangement for sale in there for inside a house) so mine will have more flowers and blush tones with more moss etc! So cute! 

We will have the urns with candles everywhere on some tables ... just kind of to give it some dimension something different with the flowers too :) 

Lots of barnwood like this with cutouts for the candles and then instead of those little green things these will be moss and hydrangeas and blush roses etc! Sooo pretty and elegant :) 

I decided on these for all the guys ... I think they are perfect. Just the perfect touch of elegance yet still a little rustic too ;) Chris's will be a little different I think to make him stand out. 

So all in all today we actually got a lot accomplished and I am super excited about all the flowers, but want to leave some big things with them a secret ... so you'll have to wait on those!! ;) 

I am getting more and more excited ... just need to get all the small stuff knocked out so I can make it to June and then ... 

killing me today. 

No but really, this is what I am trying to keep in mind:

So true. 
Love it. 

Well, that's all the wedding talk I've got for ya today!
I am going to share our Save the Date's later this week also .. just need to get a good picture of them! 

PS. Look at this sweet, handsome baby on his walk this week ... just taking in the sunshine and breeze ... 

Love him so much. 

PSS. My Bellatique giveaway is over tonight with a whopping 354 entries!! 
Wow! So tomorrow I will announce the winner winner chicken dinner!

Don't forget to go "like" them on Facebook HERE ... 
Super cute new Spring stuff coming on daily and also the jewelry is the cutest and super duper cheap! 

Off to catch up on my DVR and snuggle with Chris & Frankie :) 

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