Sunshine Award!

I was so happy today when I got an email from Melanie over at Sarcasm & Curls that I was nominated for the Blogging Sunshine Award! I didn't know what it was, just knew it sounded like fun and I was excited! Haha! Thank you so much lady! Love you and your blog!! XO! 
For those of you not following Melanie, 
let me tell you a few reasons why I love her ... and you will too!
1. She is hysterical, period.
2. She is on the gif bandwagon and they are absolutely the funniest things ever
3. She loves Pretty Little Liars (so that is an automatic given on the friendship level ha)
4. Her dog Mia, and Frankie, are long lost BFF's 

Mia (left) ... Frankie (right) 
What is it with Yorkies and their curled up/cuddle position haha .. love it! 

Okay, onto the award ... 

If nominated for this award, you must include a link in your blog to the person/blog that nominated you. You must also answer some questions about yourself, nominate fellow bloggers, link their blogs in your post, and inform them that they have been nominated.


Who is your favorite philosopher: 
Umm... no idea. That is really a hard one. 

What is your favorite number? 
4. And I have no idea why, lol 

What is your favorite animal? 
Dogs and Turtles ... I like dogs as pets mostly and turtles are kind of something that started as an inside joke between Chris and I, snapping turtles to be exact, and then just stuck and now everyone always sends me turtle stuff, we get a turtle figure every time we go out of town lol and the kids always draw me turtles ... it's cute ;) 

What are your Facebook and Twitter? 
Facebook is HERE
Twitter I am not on .. I know, I know ... but I am on Pinterest you can follow me HERE 

What is your favorite time of the day? 
Probably at the end of the day when I can come home and hang out, relax, and watch my shows and snuggle with Chris and Frankie :) 

hahahaha this makes me laugh. both of them, knocked out. ridic. ;) 

What is your favorite holiday? 

What is your favorite physical activity? 
Probably walking hahaha briskly walking, outside, while talking to a friend and chatting so it goes by quickly. Kidding (kinda) ... my other physical activity is Barre classes. I love them. 

What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? 
Sweet Tea or Water. 

What is your favorite flower? 
Hydrangeas and Peonies
(which is some of what we are using in our wedding!) 

What is your passion? 
Real Estate. 

I know some people will be like, oh whatever, that's her job, she just wants her clients to read that haha but it is really true. I love real estate and building/design. I truly have a passion for it and am so blessed I get to wake up every day and do a job I love.  

I am nominating the following lovely ladies for this award also: 

(She is funny, has good style and NEEDS A BUTTON and this will make her make one ha!)
 (I just won her giveaway, her blog is adorable & so are her boys!)
(She is pregnant w/ TWINS, blogging about her life & babies, love her!!)

 Go follow their blogs and let's pass on the Sunshine Award! 

In other news, 
my "5 Things" Post yesterday was fun and some other pretty ladies decided to join in on the fun! Go meet Shay and Jenn and learn more about them and their cute blogs!!

That's all for now!

Ready for the weekend, 
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