Happy Valentine's Day

 Happy Valentine's Day! Here are a few pictures from heart day at our house! 
Last minute I threw together this banner with Dollar Tree hearts (all 5 were in a pack for $1) and string from our shed. All I needed was a hole puncher. So quick and easy!

Michael sent me these yesterday...such a sweet surprise to have the flower delivery ring my doorbell. 

My mom took Clyde and my nephew, Winters, out for a Valentine's dinner at Champs. They dressed up and each gave her a flower. So cute! Tonight she is taking the girls! 

And unwrapped... favorite Peanut Butter Cup Heart and a Magnetic Silly Face Game from World Market

Leftover cookie icing used to make hearts on a family favorite....cinnamon rolls!

Kiss straws from the dollar bin at Target

Hope everyone has a great day!


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