Picture Time!!

Happy Thursday!
Today I had no appointments until 11am so figured I would blog ... again... for the 3rd day in a row! :)
I'm off to a good blogging start for 2013 don't you think? hehe
Real quick ... 
two things that made my night last night, after a semi-stressful day:
Exhibit 1:
Does anyone else's fur-child ever sleep like this?
The "back legs stretched out", army crawl look ... my ABSOLUTE favorite thing Frankie does!
So stinkin cute. I want to squeeze his little back feet ha! 

Exhibit 2: 

Who knew Chris was such an artist with chalk? ha ;)
So sweet ... I walked in the kitchen last night and saw this on the pantry door!! 
(I won't tell you what I was going in there for, it may or may not have been a box of chocolate coveried cherries I am obsessed with at Christmas time! Must stop eating them!!)
Love him, so nice and sweet and I just love when he does random little things like this ... not all guys are like that, I am lucky enough to have one that is ;) 

Lastly before the real moral of this little post ... 
New Year's Pics!
I don't know how I forgot to share these two, but they are too cute not to share!

Right at midnight ... lol ... I think you can even see the confetti on the TV in the background!
WILD at midnight, but so fun and funny! :) 

My Facebook card I shared to all my friends :)
Love me some Red Stamp ... if you don't have this app on your phone you should get it ... perfect for creating e-cards that you can share as a photo by email, text, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Super cute!! 
You're welcome in advance, you will obsessed! 

Alright friends ... I am excited to share today some
Engagement Pictures!!

First and foremost, shout out to Alicia @ Aesthetiica for her talented work!
She is awesome, but that's not new news to any of you I am sure! ;) 

Ok ... here we go ... total photo dump ... 

Love this one! Chris looks so handsome and the lighting is my fave!! <3 

Total model and little sweet angel Frankie is ;)


Love the horses in the background of this one, you can barely see them but they were so pretty! 

What do you think?? :) 
I have GOT to order Save the Date's today but am having a hard time deciding which one?
Which is your favorite?

Can't believe we are getting married in 5 months! 
So much to do, but surprisingly enough, I am not really stressed ... yet. Ha! 

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