Happy 2013 and Recapping Christmas!

Happy New Year Friends! 

Today I am taking the day to be lazy, work on some wedding stuff, relax from the CRAZY last couple of weeks I have had ... and finally catch up on blogging and everyone else's blogs! :) 

I have so many wonderful things to share from Christmas ... so this will be a long one ... then I have some other Christmas posts coming this week just to do a little recap! But I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and got to spend lots of time with their family and friends! 

Our Christmas was PERFECT!
I was such a bad blogger and didn't even get to share our Christmas card this year ... 

 Sorry had to take a picture of a picture, so it is a little blurry :(
But we definitively had Christmas Bliss this year!

If you are in Lexington ... our Christmas pictures were taken by Mary Maldonado and she was awesome!
Then our Christmas cards were made on Tinyprints.com

My work Christmas Cards were ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE
and created by the fabulous Mary Ellen Designs...

How cute is that?
I gave her kind of my vision for what I wanted on the card ... and then she actually hand draws these things!
She exceeded my expectations beyond belief :) Love it! Cutest Real Estate Christmas Card of all time!

We had a great Christmas!
We literally had 4 Christmas's and they were all so special! 

Frankie received a special gift from Santa in his stocking ...  

A little Santa hat and heard ... which he wasn't very excited about but made for a cute picture ;)

He also got a new cute Woolrich coat ;) 
He is so so handsome! 

I am kind of sad to take all of this down this week :( 
This was my favorite tree we've ever had! 

I had a fun time with the present wrapping this year and all my fun litte taggings ;) 

We got a surprise visit and literally one of the best cakes I have ever tasted, from Ginny our wedding planner! Love her times a million. She is the BEST! 
If you are local check out her website by clicking here ... she is awesome! 

On Christmas Day we had a blast ... 
The kids and their new robes ;) LOL

Chris and I opened some and bless his heart he did an amazing job this year! 
I am so blessed and lucky ... he remembered things I had just said in passing from months ago! 

So sweet and we were both very blessed this Christmas! 

I think one of my favorite things I got 
(besides my new cross body purse and gold monogrammed necklace! hehe) 
was this ... 

My little gold ring with Chris's initials on it ... obsessed with this. I have wanted one for a long time and it is even cuter in person than it looks in this pic! 

My other favorite thing is my new Marmot vest that my dad picked out all on his own lol ;)
He did good! I have worn it every day since Christmas, it is warm and cozy! 

We celebrated with our families and had a blast! 

Me, my Dad, my brother Chris and my Mom

I think it can all be summed up by this picture of Jake ... 

Best Day Ever!
(shirt from Nordstrom children's department)  

I have an awesome kid's Christmas Party to blog about...
our trip to Bristol, TN to see my family ... 
AND ... 
my 30 before 30 List that I have been compiling! 

Happy New Year! 
Hope your holiday's were blessed and fabulous!  

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