Reindeer grapes

I was responsible for grapes for Camille's Christmas party at school. Yesterday, I was trying to figure out the easiest way to serve them and remembered this pin from Pinterest.

I decided to make reindeer with the clothes pins instead of butterflies. Camille helped and they turned out super cute! I think they were a hit today!

I found these cute red stickers at AC Moore. Clothes pins were from Dollar Tree. 

I glue gunned the eyeballs and they were the most challenging part because of their size. 

Camille cut the pipe cleaners in half

Then added them to each clothes pin. 
I shaped the pipe cleaners into antlers and we added the grapes in plastic bags and we were done. 

I found the Santa platters at the Dollar Tree
I was in charge of cookies for Clyde's class and he wanted in on the fun. So at the last minute I threw together this cookie carrying case made from a grocery bag. It was so cute to see him carry it to school this morning.


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