Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Easter Recap

Two catch up posts in one day... very rare :)
Easter is my favorite holiday. Period. I love it, love everything about it.

I love that everyone gets a new Easter outfit to wear to church :) I love coloring and hunting for easter eggs. I love relearning that Jesus rose from the dead for us. I love Easter baskets and goodies. I love those chocolate bunnies in the yellow box with the Peter Rabbit story ha. I love peeps. See? Love everything about it ha.

The kids left the Easter bunny this letter and snack haha I died..

He must have liked it because he left them these... ;)

And don't think he forgot this sweet stud muffin ;)

They each got these cute little shirts to wear for their easter egg hunt ha!

Chris even got a little bucket of his own ;)

I made "Easter Kabobs" ... via Pinterest... They were so cute!

Peeps, Homemade rice krispy treats, and fruit :) super easy!

We went to Chris's sister's house in Louisville for the afternoon after church to eat and hide eggs!
It was so fun!

She has a chalk painted door in her kitchen and I am OBSESSED with it...

How cute is that?? Love it!

Chris and I got zero cute pictures of us the entire day :(
My dress was so cute too ... I can't wait to wear it again... it was Lily P and super colorful ! Wish I would have gotten a better pic :(

The kiddos looked adorable as always :)

Chris's nephews are the cutest... how sweet are these pics?

We had such a great Easter... Hope everyone else did too!!

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