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Happy Monday... how is the time change workin' out for ya?

I overslept today by an hour... no joke... could not go to sleep last night, which has led to me being so tired today!
I love the time change, love the daylight until 8pm... just need  a day or two to get used to it!

Ok before my Pinterest finds for the week...
feast your eyes on my recent real life obsession..

These fancy cowgirl boots :)

How cute are those??

My work/game day outfit to watch the CATS play!

I have been wanting a new pair of boots for a long time... was a little nervous to go to The Boot Store lol but once I got there I tried on a million pairs and loved them all! Stephanie, I thought you would be so proud of these... are they Texas approved?? :)

Don't think I could forget to get my sweet angel a present... I facebook'd this and every about lost it.
Look at Frankie's now toy... he is such a fashionista ;)

Ok, now for a little Pinterest!

Obsessed with these pink earrings!
And these too...

Love the mixing and matching of the arm candy!

I am on a MAJOR spring cleaning kick... this house is totally more under control, but I really would like the kitchen a little more organized..sooo glad I found this... I am printing it off today and tackling the kitchen next!

Look at this PINK tiled shower! Dying. Love it ha.

I may have shared this oe before I love that wallpaper in the nursery! So cute. 

Love the SPARKLY tiled backsplash with that hood.

This is a cute idea.. the bench with the table.. love that look.

Stripes in your pantry or storage room closet! So clever! Give an ugly closet a fun, clean look!

Chalkboard pedestals.. how to make those.. really pretty would be great for a party to display around the food or whatnot!

Totally me.. every morning ha

hahahaha love that. very true.

Oprah says it best! 

Oh and I almost forgot the new line of OPI Spring colors.. I love all of these! Wish they came in gel!!

Happy Monday!
PS. I am looking for a couple guest bloggers... any takers?? Message me please!!!! Or I will come find you maybe :)

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