Happy 2012, New Years Eve, & Pinteresting Monday!

Hi Yall!
Happy Monday... and...
Hope yall had a great time ringing in the New Year! I had such a blessed 2011, I am so excited to see what 2012 brings! I don't do New Year's Resolutions... period. I don't think I ever have. I don't like the pressure and also why do we need one specific day to start (or stop ha) doing something!?? Not my thing... but I understand people getting into it and trying I guess.

Anywho... MOST IMPORTANTLY before anything else... do you know what today is??

They're back!!!!! Wooohooooo!!

If you don't watch Pretty Little Liars... then you REALLY need to! It is my favorite show and even surpasses the Housewives and Tori & Dean, if that tells you anything. I can not wait to watch it tonight! (And thank goodness good shows are starting back up, over the holidays there has been nothing on TV at all!!)

Next on the agenda, New Year's Eve...
I would love to tell you that Chris and I did something glamorous and fab ... but this year we decided to let the kids do the entertaining and have a New Year's Eve Slumber Party w/ a couple of their friends from school... let me tell you what.. it was WILD... and by wild I mean devouring 5 bottles of sparkling grape juice, dancing to the surround sound and Just Dance 3 for hours, blowing confetti all over the Living Room (mild OCD attack, I had the vacuum out within 10 minutes of that little messy ditty haha!) and staying up until 3am (with one girl getting a stomach ache and having her dad pick her up at 2am, poor thing!) :(

I got this cute idea from Pinterest ...

We got balloons blown up and put little notes inside for them to pop "on the hour" and I'm pretty sure that was their favorite thing of the night... they literally counted down til each hour.

 Inside we did the following notes:

7pm - Have a dance party!
8pm - Make Brownies
9pm - Pop your Confetti Poppers
10pm - Do some Kareoke (which was to Taylor Swift I might add! Ha!)
11pm - Make a Toast (w/ Sparkling Grape Juice, don't worry, but in Champagne glasses ha!)
Midnight - Make Some Noice!! :)

We had some super cute feather party hats! :) It was a blast!

Before the end of the night, I wrote down some questions on cards and had each of them sit in a chair and answer the questions about their year, and recorded them :) This will be a great thing to keep for the future and do every New Year's Eve! They were hysterical and so sweet and the kids loved doing them... I think they thought they were on iCarly maybe hahaha

They are obviously too long to share but Jake's was absolutely the funniest thing ever... I had to read them to him since he can't read but his answers were so funny... Take a look :)
(mute the playlist at the bottom before you watch!)

I would like to note three parts... his favorite food is a lunchable ?? He has maybe had one lunchable ever at our house ha you would think he doesn't eat cooked meals?!?! ... and he wants to be Ben10 when he grows up! and he is thankful for Transformers! Hahahaha! Too Funny!! We were dying, as you can tell in the background the girls could not hold it together to be quiet for him, poor thing lol!

Ok now for a little Pinterest :)

OMG How cute are those pillows? They are THE perfect new parent gift! I am obsessed! I think they were $60 ...? Takes 2-3 weeks to ship. I LOVE them!! What a great keepsake!

LOVE that monogrammed chair!

I need this pillow, Chris will attest to that ha. I do not do good when I am hungry and shaking lol

I need this monogrammed felt clutch!! Highly Obsessed!

Love this dress, sequins and feathers, would have been a perfect New Year's Eve dress!

Love these steps!  May get old, but cute for now!

I may have pinned this kitchen before I can't remember but I love it!!

Push Pop Cupcakes! Great idea!

I have been obsessed with looking at wedding ideas lately and these are all so cute...

LOL Love the tweeting!

Cute sign! :)

Photo liner of envelopes, Martha Stewart idea. Love it.

Look that Tux for Frankie!!!! Omgsh... this will be a must in our wedding ha!

Love this cake, so pretty and classic!

Ok for Valentine's Day... how cute are these ??

 Adorable!! I'm going to find a mustache printable and let the kids do this for their cousins and family! So Cute!

Cute idea for February Countdown to Valentine's Day! Just a picture frame then dry erase marker!

My inspirational words for the week...

 LOVE love love Tim Tebow!
Love this article.
Just love it.

And considering it is the New Year...

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Happy Monday!!

PS. Do I have to stop my Christmas music playlist and take down my cute Santa hat header now?
Gosh that was too quick! Maybe one more week then I will go back to normal ha ;)

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