Love of Jesus Thift

On the same venture to Family Thrift, my mom and I also checked out For the Love of Jesus Thrift. I had heard about it on other blogs but needed to check the place out for myself.
Here what I found. I spent about $20.

And now to discuss the items in more detail....

First up, I found another frame just like the ones that I re-matted with my Diversity Thrift place mats. I really want to do a grouping of four of these frames since I have three more place mats. So now I just need to find one more frame. There must be one out there. Let me know if you come across it. 

$8 Frame from Love of Jesus Thift.

Free Frame from Family Friend

After with Diversity Thift $50 Placemats.

Next up the elephant.....I have seen elephant tables all over the Internet, etc. And to continue with our elephant theme in Camille's room, I had to get this for $6. I am going to spray paint it, I just need to decide on the color.

There was something about the shape and design of this dish that I really loved. So for $3, it had to be mine.

And I couldn't resist the cow creamer for $2. I think it will be great on my kitchen counter.

The green pot is for the Amaryllis, I am planting and hoping for a bloom around Christmas. And I bought 3 little bowls for 10 cents each for my kids meals.

I will be back there...there is lot of stuff to look at. My mom got some dishes that she feels are the perfect size for lunch. ;) All kidding aside, she got 12 pretty off-white plates in great condition for $5.


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