State Fair!

I have such fond memories of my dad taking my sisters and I to the State Fair each year. I have to say I got a little weepy thinking of him when I saw the rows of food vendors and games. We picked a beautiful day and hit the fair with my in-laws, sister-in-law and my niece and nephew. It was a great day! Here are some highlights.....

First up the farm animals....

Then on to the tractors....

Next on to the puppet show....

Yes, that says please do not swing on the rope and yes, that is Clyde swing on the rope most likely because I told him not to.
Then on to lunch....

At home, we always take our shirt off for pizza because the sauce stains everything! So Clyde wanted to do the same at the fair and I figured if you were going to take your shirt off while dining out the fair was probably the right place to do it.
Then after Camille asked me about 100 times if we could please do some rides, we finally made it to the midway!

Camille's first rollar coaster. She did not get the love of them from her mother because I am not sure I would have riden on that one!
Last up Ice Cream & Funnel Cake!

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