Mr. & Mrs. Bristow

On Friday night we celebrated the marriage of one of my BFF's, Stephanie, and her husband Levi. They were married on a cruise last week and came back to throw down at home for everyone who didn't go on the cruise... and it was such a fun night!

First let's recap and look at a few of her amazing pictures from the actual wedding, taken by the pretty much famous, Alicia Fierro w/ Aesthetiica Photography! (Pics stolen from facebook ha hope that's ok Alicia!! You rocked it as usual girl!) PS. Go "Like" her facebook page if don't already... her pictures are so beautiful!

Those are just a few so far of the "teasers" from Alicia ;) Can't wait to see the ones from Friday night too!

She had a party/reception here at Buffalo Trace Distillery and it was so pretty! I forgot my dang camera but did get a few from my phone...

Mr. and Mrs. Bristow :)
So pretty! How beautiful was her dress??

Look at those pretty girls!

This shows Jake's only interest at dinner... haha the chocolate fountain and strawberrys/marshmellows! That face was only after the first one too ;) OOC

Stephanie sang Levi a song afterwards and it was so sweet and cute! I recorded some of it but was afraid she would be mad at me if I showed it on here haha... but she did an awesome job! He looked surprised too which was so cute!

One of the most fun parts of the night was the photo booth they rented... it was such a hit... with the kids and grown ups! Here are a few of the ones I brought home...

Chrissy, Steph & Me

I wish you could see this better.... the kids were so funny in the booth!! Jake especially.

LOL no words for these ha just so funny.

We had such a great time!
Congrats Steph & Levi! Love you guys both!!!!
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