More on Camille's Room

This was a super easy update. I found all three of these accessories in my attic. (Side note...I was thinking of photographing my attic so you can see all the junk I am saving up there for projects just like this!) I purchased some bright pink spray paint from Joann's for about $4 with coupon. But I think you can find for cheaper at Home Depot, Michaels or Walmart. And voila!

My mom gave me this frame out of her garage. (Side note...this may be where I get my hoarding tendency).

First, I washed it with soapy water. I think I used dish liquid and water but white vinegar and water would have probably been better.

Then painted it with 2 coats of Martha's Metallic Paint from Home Depot. Same paint that I used for Camille's table.

And the final product.....

It is wedding weekend, Camille & Clyde are in my cousin, Anne Taylor's wedding this weekend. Wish us luck!


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