The Ruby Year

Yesterday was Chris's parents 40th Wedding Anniversary.

His mom decided weeks ago that she wanted them to renew their vowels and have a ceremony at the church they originally got married in, 40 years ago, Duncan Memorial Church in Louisville! Such a sweet idea!

We were excited to be a part of their special day!

This was them on their wedding day!

And this was them yesterday on their 40th Anniversary! :)

It was a beautiful day... Cathi planned everything very simple, but classy, and even had her 3 best friends come as bridesmaids...

How cute is that??

Family picture time... only missing Ella, Ava & Jake :( They were unable to be there and we missed them!

Chris, his sister Lisa and his nephew Jack... sweetest baby ever! Look at his outfit! How cute is that?

Chris & I :)

Loved the cake... it was so pretty!

Cutting the cake...

And eating the cake ;)

This was my favorite picture of the day I think! So cute!

Chris's brother, Bryan and his kiddos :)

So sweet :)

Love this picture too... she is my little sidekick ;) Love her to pieces!

LOL look at that face! So sweet!

It was a wonderful day, Chris's parents looked so great! They are the sweetest and really show us a good example of what marriage should look like. No one is perfect, and being married 40 years is something to celebrate that is for sure! Not very common these days, but a true blessing.

Cathi & LJ - Hope you had a great 40th Anniversary!!
We Love you!
Dana, Chris & Frankie ;)
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