Recipe Week! Tuesday

Kickin' Chicken with Crunch (courtesy You've Got Supper)

2 tbsp olive oil

4 medium chicken breast halves, boneless skinless

1 cup(s) plain yogurt, low-fat

1 tbsp brown sugar

2 tsp chili powder

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp kosher salt

1/2 tsp pepper

1 1/2 cup(s) tortilla chips, crushed

1 tbsp thyme (dried), fresh

1 cup(s) cheddar cheese (low-fat), shredded

1/2 cup(s) jarred jalapenos, chopped

1 medium lime(s)

Make breadcrumbs by tearing about 6 pieces of hearty white bread into 2 inch squares. Blend in food processor until some pieces are flaky and some the size of a pea. Toss breadcrumbs with 2 Tbsp olive oil and a pinch of kosher salt. Heat in skillet at medium for 5 minutes or until slightly brown. Breadcrumbs will continue to get crispy while they cool. Note…I use store bought bread crumbs.

Heat oven to 450 degrees. Flatten chicken breasts with meat pounder to even out their thickness.

In large bowl, mix yogurt, brown sugar, chili powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Add chicken breast to mixture. (You can marinate in mixture up to 24 hours or proceed.)

In shallow bowl, mix breadcrumbs, tortilla chips, thyme, cheddar, and jalapenos. Coat marinated chicken with breadcrumb mixture. Using your hands, press the mixture into the chicken.

Transfer chicken onto foil-lined baking dish and bake for 20-25 minutes.

Serve immediately with lime wedges for squeezing over the chicken. I normally serve this with canned corn or corn on the cob and a mexi rice.


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