Monogrammed Necklace

Thank you all so much for the sweet emails and comments and my FAVORITE new accessory...
My monogrammed necklace :)

It is so fun and cute... it's actually plastic on a gold chain... and they come in TONS of different colors... I chose the grey for my first one because I felt like that could be worn during all seasons and it kind of goes with everything.

I know this isn't a very good pic... but I think you can see it good enough to know it's pretty darn cute!  INR (in real life) it is about the size of a half dollar I think...

I ordered it from AJ's Casuals here in Lex... but for those of you who do not live here...I am sure you can order one from them and they will send it to you...

That pic links to their Facebook page so you can get their info!

It was $75 I think ??
It took about 4-5 weeks to get here... (now I want another color, I think I want to try script font in a tan maybe...) but I am so sad I have to wait another month! LOL

I hope this helps... I really am not a huge necklace person (much more excited about bracelets, but that is another post coming tomorrow!) but I absolutely LOVE this necklace and can't take it off!!

Let me know what colors you ladies get! Can't wait to see!!
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