Clyde's New Space

Over the weekend, Clyde  transitioned from his crib to a twin bed. We also swapped Camille and Clyde's rooms. A week or so ago, we purchased twin beds from Walmart for Clyde. We don't have a play space in our  house so all the toys are kept in the kid's rooms. We decided that Clyde's new beds would work better in Camille's larger room and we could try to turn that room into also a great play space. It seems to have worked! As a recap here is Camille's room before.....

And now as Clyde's new room.....

The beds can bunk but with Clyde's "carefree nature" we felt it was better to leave them as twins for now. You may remember this post. They ended up being larger than we thought but it works well because Clyde has been sleeping in the bed against the far wall and it has a crib like feel.

Now to some other elements in the room. Last week, I shared my bookshelf find from the Salvation Army.
Here is the before....
Notice Clyde on the left. This was  probably right before he stepped in my primer!

Here is the bookshelf after....

The finish of the bookshelf was very smooth and I was not at all interested in sanding it. Thanks to a tip from Richmond Thrifter, I used Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 Primer which  can  be used  on smooth surfaces without sanding. Then I used two coats of paint from Home Depot. (I can't find my color swatch. Leave me a comment, if you are interested in the color).

I found this artwork at Diversity Thrift (love that place!) for $3. It was in a too small Ikea frame. I went to the attic and found a frame that I picked up over a year ago at a yard sale. I ran up to Ben Franklin and had them cut a mat and glass.  Why is framing so expensive? The double mat and glass was $70. I put it together myself because I wanted it right away.


I also found this artwork already framed for $18 at Diversity Thrift.

I found all of Clyde's bedding at HomeGoods. The sheets are Tommy Hilfiger and are super soft for $14.99 a set. The curtains were from his old room and I found some of the throw pillows and lamp in our attic.  

While I was taking pictures for this post, Clyde was in the kitchen. He had moved the stool and gotten the flour off the middle shelf of our upper cabinets and as I walked in the room was  pouring the ENTIRE bag into this bowl. Camille was so excited when she saw it, she had to join in. You could say that was a huge mess.
I am still working on Camille's  new room. Posts to follow on that one.


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