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Here goes...

Sunday - Dinner at Mom's House
Monday - Taco's
Tuesday - Baked Ham & Ziti Casserole (new recipe)
Wednesday - Chicken Broccoli Casserole from last week (we never made it)
Thursday - Jalapeno Stuffed Chicken Wrapped in Bacon, Corn and Yellow Rice
Friday - Angela's Awesome Enchiladas (in our freezer leftover from another week)

Clyde is starting to eat finger foods and he hates veggies & fruit! So I am trying some Deceptively Delicious tricks on him and it is working. I had leftover spinach in my freezer that I cooked then ran through my food processor. I mixed it with his mashed potatoes and he liked it and then I smeared some spinach on his grilled cheese and he ate that. Success! I am going to puree some frozen strawberries and spread that on his pancakes and french toast. He is a carb lover! He gets it honest.


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