Let's talk wedding shall we?

Ok ladies...
It is crunch time!
Our wedding is in 5 months, I can't believe it, and I feel like I have lots to do!!

To some people 5 months seems like an eternity, to me, not so much. 
My months fly by unfortunately, so June will be here before I even blink!

Thank goodness there is the BEST new Bridal Show coming up next weekend that I can not wait to go to!
If you are local or anywhere close to Lexington, this is going to be the HIT Bridal Show!

They're having valet parking, red carpet entry, SWAG bridal bag, signature cocktail, & more! 
You name it, it will be there! 
And I can not wait!! 
Click HERE for more details! 

So a few things I am working on ... 
Next week I am meeting with our wedding planners, Ginny & Lauren, to go over what I really need to be doing lol, but in the mean time, I am doing some fun things that need to be wrapped up! 

I've ordered some beverage napkins for the bars! 
That was a step in the right direction don't you think? 
Totally me, order the cute, fun stuff first and then deal with the restroom trailers last haha! 

How cute are those?
So my color is not hot pink, and those obviously aren't our initials lol, but these are what I ordered only with ivory napkins and gold font! Can't wait to see them! Then I added our wedding date under the monogram :) 

I've been having issues with how the reception tables will look ...
We are doing food stations, which I am so super excited about! 
No long buffet line to wait in, but not a super formal and fancy sit down place seated dinner (that's not us!) ... so the food stations were a perfect idea! 
HOWEVER, people will use a new plate every time they go to a different station so the plates will be on the stations, and not all pretty and set up on the tables. 
With that said, I wanted pretty tables!!  
So we have compromised and found a way I think will look cute!

We are going to do silverware, wine glasses and then a nice cloth napkin at each setting and then I am going to do a nice menu card to stick out of the napkins! 
Do you think that is cute?
Then of course there will be flowers down the entire center of the tables in those trough type deals ... with candles everywhere <3 

Think this ... 

Plus a little of this ... 

Plus these flowers!!! 

And there you have it! That is my vision :) 
And adding some moss .. I love moss!
What about those flowers? Holy moly I am in love! They may be a bit much but even toned down a little would be beautiful I am sure! I wonder what that long green stuff is? Looovvve it! 
I don't meet with my talented friends at House by JSD for our flower planning until closer to Spring, but they are amazing and we like the same things ha, so it should be easy peasy!  

I am obsessing over these invitations ... 

I love the light blush tone and the gold! So classy and adorable!
The website these were on was uber expensive ... so I am thinking I might be able to recreate them and find someone local who can print them! I will be working on this task over the weekend ... :) 

Save the Dates 

We have chosen magnets for our Save the Dates just because I think people like them better. 
I have magnets on my fridge from weddings last year, so I think they are usually a hit. 
I found these on Etsy that I really liked from cardcandydotcom Etsy store ... I am emailing with them currently to text a few pictures and see which ones look best ... so hopefully will have this nailed down in the next week so I can get these puppies in the mail next week!! 

Love those! 
They are different and cute :)

This weekend I think we are going to finally go and register! 
Everyone keeps asking me and I have literally had no time to even think about this. We still aren't sure where we are going to register because we already have a lot of stuff! 
But I would like some better cooking stuff, and some nice china and stuff like that! 
Any suggestions?  

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Tomorrow I am blogging about the kid's Christmas Cookie Exchange/Party that we had ... it was super cute, can't wait to share!! 

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